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Both startups and large companies in India are slowly redefining quality healthcare delivery in India, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers through various digital solutions. It does not just bridge the gap but also creates an ecosystem designed to deliver better and faster quality healthcare within the environment. Healthcare institutions are increasingly harnessing the power of advancing technologies to provide personalised, better informed, and efficient care. Healthcare professionals have made significant advancements in this sector with wearable health bands that track health in real-time, the ability to schedule doctor appointments using a mobile app, avail reports online, consult a specialist over a video call, and effortlessly carry medical history and reports within a healthcare portal on a smartphone.

The healthcare sector is growing rapidly in the Indian landscape in terms of revenue and market share. The Indian healthcare industry pegged at $100 billion is expected to grow by 23% by 2020 to $280 billion. This growing market has given rise to many health-tech startups in India. They cater to various healthcare segments, help book appointments, sell medicines online, and operate as a commercialised unit of the venture. The invasion of technology in the healthcare industry has played a huge role in its growth.

Disruption in healthcare is driven by changing patients’/customers’ needs, digitalising the services, and advancing medical technologies and clinical processes. Displaying companies delivering cutting-edge solutions, CXO Outlook has come up with “10 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies in India”, to showcase the organizations that understand the needs and demands of the ever-growing healthcare industry.

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