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Technology has taken over our lives over the last couple of years. With innovation at every avenue, it has become an inevitable part of society today. To this effect, technology has entered the field of human resources as well. According to the World Bank, the Indian workforce comprised about 472 million people in 2020 and is one of the largest workforces in the world despite the decline due to the pandemic. With more people joining the workforce, there is a need to increase efficiency and create smart systems to allocate resources aptly. 

Today, many organizations that embrace innovation opt for HR technologies to carry out their hiring process, employee payrolls, work analytics, and even efficiency calculators. These companies essentially use data science, predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning to pick out outstanding employees and even use them to hire candidates that are skilled and credible that best fit a job. With everything being remote, these systems help HR managers take control of the company workforce and keep tabs on them from the comfort of their homes. As we move to everything digital, employers can improve and expedite HR processes through data-driven recruiting and HR analytics.

Being one of the youngest populations in the world, employment continues to be a rising issue. What used to be a simple process has turned into a challenging task for employers.  Each year, a new set of people join the workforce, and with this influx, it becomes increasingly difficult for HR managers to govern the workings of the company. So, they adopt HR technologies to create more systematic networks through analytics, data, and innovations and allocate resources smartly and efficiently.

We present to our readers ‘10 Most Innovative HR Tech Companies in India – 2021’ in this issue. Through cutting-edge ideas and resourceful conceptualizations, these companies have become leaders in their industry and have prepared the road ahead to the future of human resource management.

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