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Startups are becoming increasingly more popular every day, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down. The wheels of the industry keep on turning and many new companies are doing their best to either assist in recovery with their services or are well-positioned to capitalize on the recovery in their market or region. Although Covid-19 may have forced some industries to pivot completely, others have managed to thrive. With the huge shift to online working, shopping, socializing, and more, we’ve seen some major pushes for certain technologies, especially ones that have capitalized on this digital focus.

Rain or shine, tech startups are moving forward with their innovations. From AI to famous applications, it’s clear that tech companies are still dominating the market when it comes to serving fresh new products. The enterprise tech startup sector is packed with companies capitalizing on growing demand — even amid the disruptions caused by the pandemic — for tools in the world of big data, DevOps, cloud, mobility, the internet of things, and cybersecurity. Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing economic uncertainty, 2020 still managed to produce thousands of startups. 

While we are in a global pandemic, the business does not stop. With all these technological advancements on the line, 2021 will surely be an interesting year for the business and tech sector.  Companies are adapting, innovating, and moving forward. There are many new ideas and innovations to look forward to in 2021. With that in mind, CXO Outlook presents “10 Most Innovative Startups to Watch-out for in 2021”, to appreciate and showcase their out-of-the-box thinking for everyone to see.

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