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A few years back, Indian startups were primarily focused on creating e-commerce solutions and reproducing concepts that worked in western markets. Now, the tables have turned. The young and innovative entrepreneurs in India are covering a broad spectrum of industries to find solutions that have not been attempted in any other market. The fearless to innovate has helped them to attract many investors to their businesses.  According to a report published by Tracxn, since 2016, when tech startups accumulated just $4.3 billion — down from $7.9 billion the year before — the flow of capital has increased significantly in the ecosystem. In 2017, Indian startups raised $10.4 billion.

However, in the first six months of 2020, startup funding dropped by 29 per cent to $4.2 billion compared to $5.9 billion in the corresponding period last year, due to the impact of the COVID-19. According to data by venture capital industry tracker Tracxn, only 443 startups were funded in the January-June period this year against 725 in H1, 2019. The report says that 2020 put the spotlight on specific sectors like alternative lending, payments and test preparation tech and generated a lot of interest and funding from investors.

Despite the hiccups caused by the pandemic, a few startups have managed to raise significant funding this year. More importantly, many entrepreneurs have started their business amidst the pandemic. In this issue, we have identified ’10 Most Inspiring Startup Founders in India’ who have challenged odds and found success in the murky waters. We hope our efforts to feature their stories would inspire the young generation of leaders in India.

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