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Artificial Intelligence development is now being integrated in customer service and relationship administration to both enhance and replace human support. Using AI for customer service targets to augment the customer experience and ultimately bring down customer service costs through automation.

Through the digital transformation upsurge, Artificial Intelligence development for customer service is one of the big disruptors. A study shows that 56% of B2C and 79% of B2B clients presume their customer service representatives to distinguish their background as soon as they start to interrelate. AI chatbot for customer service gives this expectation a realistic fulfillment. Prearranged how erratic the customer expectations are, both B2B and B2C consumers want businesses to expect their needs in advance and provide relevant recommendations. This expectation gap shrinks every day with developing Artificial Intelligence solutions and (AI) services targeted at improving customer service.

Below are the 3 most compelling tech companies that are disrupting the customer service through conversational AI:


AVIZVA is a Health Tech-Organization, on a mission to build healthcare products that empower enterprises to achieve more. Since its inception in 2011, AVIZVA has built numerous custom solutions, each of its products employ Technology that simplifies & expedites care, Design that uplifts the synergy between consumers & service, Strategy that keeps organisations ahead of the curve.

AVIZVA has been a strategic enabler for healthcare enterprises to achieve more access, more efficacy & efficiency, more growth and increased care. Given its decade long experience of building products for Healthcare Enterprises – AVIZVA is both excited & proud to add conversational AI to its portfolio and help its clients be future ready to simplify & accelerate care. With many wins to its credit already, AVIZVA believes it’s just the beginning of endless & unimaginable possibilities that conversational AI can bring to consumer focussed industries.

AVIZVA’s upcoming offering ‘Cognition Engine’, enables enterprises to integrate conversational AI into all channels of communication for elevating their consumer experience. The pilot runs of the cognition engine enabling automated & integrated conversational assistance have already generated positive business interest by its existing clients. Currently being tailor made for Healthcare, this certainly is the future of customer serviceability in any sector. In the next few months, AVIZVA is putting all its efforts to make the product market ready and make an impactful contribution to the future of Digital Healthcare.

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology is a leading provider of expertise and managed services across all the major public and private cloud technologies. And we’ve evolved Fanatical Support to encompass the entire customer journey — providing Fanatical Experienced from first consultation to daily operations. Our passionate experts combine the power of proactive, always-on service and expertise with best-in-class tools and automation to deliver technology when and how you need it.


Founded in 1993, Thoughtworks has grown from a small team in Chicago to a leading technology consultancy of more than 9,000 Thoughtworkers in 17 countries. Their cross-functional teams of strategists, developers, data engineers and designers bring over two decades of global experience to every partnership.

Thoughtworks invented the concept of distributed agile and they know how to harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale. Today, they help our clients create their own path to digital fluency and to build organizational resilience to navigate the future.

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