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360 EDGE, the Franchise vertical of 360 Realtors, Real Estate advisory has launched “360 Realty Academy”. The academy aims to create a pool of talented professionals to help the Real Estate business flourish in the years to come. The multi-faceted individual development training program encompasses a wide range of subjects such as communication, transaction documentation, taxation, legal aspects of real estate, etc. Likewise, it will also cover marketing strategies for lead generation, technical knowledge, client relationship management, & market intelligence.

“360 Realty Academy” utilizes the rich experience of the industry professionals and adopts the most innovative training methods, including classroom-based training programs, online webinars, self-learning guides, and on-the-job training. It also certifies professionals upon successful training completion

Speaking about the launch of 360 Institution of Real Estate Professionals, Mr. Ankit Kansal, Founder & MD of 360 Realtors said, “It is a remarkable moment for us as we have been planning for this Institute for some time. Hitherto,  the industry lacked well-groomed and knowledgeable professionals. Our academy is an attempt to bridge the existing gap.”

He further added that we aim to target aspirants from Metros & Tier 1 cities, who see Real Estate as a big opportunity and desire to work in an organized manner in the industry. We want to upscale their skills with the required practical and technical knowledge and contribute to their individual as well as the industry’s overall growth.

Sahil Kapoor, National Head- 360 Edge
Limited Market Knowledge Translating to poor Profits & Early Exits

Currently, there is no proper entry barrier in the brokerage space and therefore anyone enters this field without prerequisite knowledge and skill set.  Consequently, they are forced to learn on the job, which many times result in suboptimal results. Unlike mature Real Estate markets like the US & Canada, India lacks a proper system of educating and training real estate consultants.  There are roughly close to a million real estate brokers in India & a lot of them lack knowledge of basic things such as documentation, legalities, taxation, digital marketing,  soft skills, and many other crucial aspects of the real estate industry.

Due to a lack of information and market knowledge, many take a lot of time to settle in the market and their earnings are delayed due to lack of deal closures. Many even exit the industry in the first few months due to negligible or no revenue.

How 360 Edge Academy will Bridge the Gap

“Through a focused training & orientation program, 360 Realty Academy will ensure that the Agents are thoroughly trained across all aspects of Real Estate and they have the requisite knowledge and information of the market before they start dealing with the clients. This shall be made possible using a mix of Classroom & Practical (On-the-Job) training which will include various case studies to keep the learning closer to reality.” Quoted Mr. Sahil Kapoor, National Head- 360 Edge.

Today’s real estate agent needs to be an all-rounder who can keep pace with the changing market and business dynamics. With technology playing a very critical role across all businesses, including real estate, the modern real estate consultant not only needs to adopt technology but has to be familiar with various tools that will enhance the business productivity and lead to better customer experience. Likewise, they also need a thorough knowledge of the market, where they are operating.

“Buyers and sellers also prefer to engage with brokers who are well versed with the market & have a lot of practical knowledge. After all, buying and selling properties is a very crucial decision for most of us.” Added Mr. Kapoor.

How 360 Realty Academy will Operate

As discussed, the academy will be conducting both online sessions and classroom training. It plans to empanel a lot of guest trainers who will be specialized experts in numerous Real Estate domains. Apart from knowledge & information, the academy plans to generate both employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the large talent pool that it will be creating in the market. The academy will be functional across all Metros and Tier-1 cities to start with.

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