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3SC, a Gurugram-based supply chain technology, and logistics startup has appointed three top executives to the positions of Director and SCE, SVP Sales, and SVP Technology.  This hiring’s main goal is to broaden the firm’s business outlook and assist it in moving forward.

With the present global skills shortage in mind, 3SC is developing new hiring channels to attract and develop elite talent. Jespal Singh Gandhii has joined 3SC as Director and SCE, Ramakant Mukundrao Kshirsagar has been appointed as SVP Sales (India & Asia Pacific), and Kumar Saurabh has been hired as Senior Vice President of the company.

Jespal Singh Gandhii is a dynamic and successful supply chain specialist with 20+ years of experience across sectors. Mr. Gandhii has worked with customers in a range of industries, including Technology, Automotive, Consumer, E&M, LSHC, FMCD, FMCG, and others. When asked about how he feels about joining 3SC, he said, “In the true words of Angelica Montrose, “Challenges are an opportunity to test you and rise to the next level” and the “Next Level” is what 3SC is poised for which I’m extremely excited and optimistic about”. As the company’s director and SCE, Mr. Gandhii will use his experience to create and implement strategic cost-cutting and supply-chain-optimization approaches.

SVP Sales will be Ramakant Mukundrao Kshirsagar who is a focused sales leader with over 20 years of expertise. He would be in charge of initiatives in India and the Asia Pacific. Mr. Kshirsagar, a Sales & Marketing Operations expert, is passionate about developing and directing sales enablement, sales administration, and field sales support teams. Mr. Kshirsagar has shown strong and decisive executive leadership in Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships with Key Corporate Decision Makers, as well as establishing large volume and high-profit accounts with excellent retention.

While talking about his new role at 3SC, Ramakant Mukundrao Kshirsagar said “What excites me about 3SC is being an Indian co trying to make its mark globally in the Supply Chain software solutions be it Planning or Execution side and competing with some credible global players in the same space. Also, 3SC is a unique combination of SaaS, Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offerings coupled with global Control Tower & Supply Chain Operations team “ this brings competitive advantage to 3SC to be able to help its customers Design their network, Build it and also Run it for them.”.

Kumar Saurabh has joined the company carrying 18+ years of rich experience. He comes with a strong background in product development, data governance, and data-warehousing initiatives. He began his career with tech verticals and consulting various projects across domains in organizations such as NaaviQ will hold the position of Senior Vice President, Technology. He expresses his thoughts by saying “It’s not what you cannot do, but what you can do”. Mr. Saurabh Holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, basically has a keen eye for business operations, and is a start-up enthusiast, wanting to be a part of their growth stories.

Talking about the hiring Mr. Lalit Das, Founder and CEO, 3SC said, “We are glad to onboard the senior leadership to the team who will play an integral role in taking the sales and supply chain operations to the next level in the upcoming growth year and will contribute in achieving company’s goals. We are dedicated to providing complete analytics solutions to the supply chain space.  We have recently received a Series B funding round from GEF Capitals. Now, we aim to grow by 70% revenue by next year.”

3SC Solution, led by professionals from all around the world, believes in mentoring team members and assisting them in reaching their full potential, resulting in complete and personalized supply chain solutions.

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