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It’s World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October. While this day gives a great opportunity for companies to engage with workers and promote mental health services, the greatest companies know that employee mental health is a year-round, 365-day-a-year responsibility.

While more companies understand the value of complete mental health benefits and open discussions, a handful is leading the way in changing their corporate culture and benefits to prioritize mental health. Here are four startups that provide some of the greatest resources, either through mental health programs or as part of their benefits and perks.


Spinny, a full-stack used-car retailing platform believes in prioritizing better Mental Health for its employees throughout the year. Spinny has always been an avid supporter of personal health and well-being resources, particularly during times of crisis. Spinny has launched a wellness program to promote awareness of mental health issues among employees, encouraging them to seek help when required while undertaking daily initiatives to improve their mental health. Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Sunday, 10 October, Spinny is organizing a one-hour mental health session for employees across India on 08 October, Friday, as a part of it’s continual efforts to help them overcome stress, rejuvenate their minds and alleviate their fears by seeking professional help. The 50-minute learning workshop reinforces Spinny’s commitment to its employees’ mental welfare and ensures that Squad Spinny and their extended families have access to group or individual sessions with mental health professionals. Through its partnership with Trijog – an organization specializing in mental healthcare and holistic wellness – Spinny organizes a series of webinars focusing on strengthening emotional immunity and providing one-to-one counselling sessions for every team member.

Urban Company

Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap), India, and the UAE’s largest tech-enabled home services company are setting a standard for employee mental health. This startup launched an industry-first initiative by announcing its Mental Health Leave Policy under which employees will be allowed to take unlimited sick leaves in case they are suffering from any form of mental or physical illness. In addition to the leave policy, Urban Company is making some of the top psychologists of the country accessible to its employees by partnering with the leading mental wellness platform, iWill. Any employee who wants to avail the service would have to register on iWill, and thereafter, would be connected with a leading psychologist who will address the psychological challenges faced by the employee. The complete consultation would be paid by the company.


Homegrown value e-commerce company Snapdeal is actively focused on providing mental well-being and health support initiatives to help employees deal with anxiety, fear and many other emotions. It is providing resources that will help team members talk about and address these anxieties. Additionally, the company is organizing meditation and breathwork classes and morale-boosting activities. Given the non-accessibility of doctors in the pandemic, Snapdeal is also providing on-call consultations with a doctor where employees can discuss their health issues. This has enabled a sense of company-wide connection, and no team member feels they are on their own, even though they are physically dispersed across the country.


mPokket, an Instant Loan App that provides loans to college students and young working professionals has launched a special initiative “Sahara” to ensure mental wellbeing for colleagues. Under this initiative, mPokket has tied with a mental coach to conduct 1 on 1 session with employees who are undergoing any kind of stress, personal or professional. This is a benefit available to all employees at mpokket at their discretion.

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