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The status of women in Indian society has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Women are now playing an important part in the expansion of the Indian economy, making a significant effect and achieving success in practically every industry. Since the dawn of time, women have been the victims of numerous crimes. The battle for gender equality is not new, and the movement is gaining traction in most parts of the world. Undeniably, women have gone a long way since the beginning of the movements and have proven themselves in many disciplines, especially those dominated by males.
According to Statista, female employees make up between 27 percent (Microsoft) and 47 percent (Netflix) of the workforce at major tech companies, with the percentage dropping significantly when it comes to actual technology-related roles. The funnel for women employees grows narrower and tighter as they advance in their jobs, yet despite all difficulties, these women leaders have demonstrated incredible determination in accomplishing their goal. Here are 4 women entrepreneurs thriving the startup tech industry.

4 women entrepreneurs thriving the startup tech industry

Mona Singh, Co-founder, India Accelerator
Mona has over 13 years of experience working for multinational corporations such as GrapeCity and United Health Corp. Prior to joining IA, Mona was a co-founder of Wish AMitr, a recommendation-based gifting portal. She works closely with entrepreneurs to develop revolutionary companies that alter the way people live, work, and connect as a Partner at India Accelerator, which focuses on seed-stage investments. She offers huge corporate skills to start-ups to provide a well-rounded view on successful business models, brand creation, and consumer trends, with experience in technology at the heart.

Yogita Tulsiani, Co-founder and Director, iXceed Solutions
Yogita Tulsiani holds a Masters in Business Administration from ISB, Hyderabad. The adaptable entrepreneur has over a decade of expertise in Business Development and Consultancy across multiple sectors in the UK, USA, Europe, and APAC. Her client list includes names like Genpact Headstrong and HP from the Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Information Technology, and Learning industries. Her present position as Director and Co-Founder of IXCEED is the culmination of several jobs she has held during her career. Ms Tulsiani’s trajectory has been one of global expansion and exponential revenue growth. She has been helpful in the establishment of new business lines. Her time at IXCEED has already demonstrated her ability to initiate development patterns. She received various accolades, including The Leaders Globe Award for the World’s Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in 2020 and The Black Swan Award for Women Empowerment 2020 by Asia One.

Nupur Khadelwal, Co-founder, Navia Life Care
Nupur is a Chartered Accountant by profession and CFA L3 candidate. She graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, worked with KPMG post for about 3 years. She was a part of their audit and consulting arm and have worked with companies across industries including technology, telecommunication, etc. Post KPMG, had a brief sting at Hindustan Unilver, as a part of their Future Leadership Program. Always passionate about solving problems that create a real impact in society at large. She moved on from HUL and joined as co-founder of Navia Life Care, a digital healthcare startup solving for information asymmetry in India’s burdened healthcare ecosystem. She is currently heading strategy and finance for Navia Life Care.

Rachitta Juneja, Founder, Whide
Rachitta is an award-winning next-visionary woman leader who started WHIDE with a vision Creation belongs equally to everyone. She spearheads WHIDE to break through the norms of the industry by making a no-commission company for the benefit of customers and trusted drivers. To simply show her commitment and dedication to fulfil the vision of WHIDE, the independent women entrepreneur believes in the idea of power dressing and only wears black and white to support the social cause of the company. Her dressing represents the strength and confidence in her personality of constructing a forward-moving business for people in the WHIDE community. Rachitta is a social woman entrepreneur who has acquired extensive experience in the industry. Prior to starting WHIDE, she was working as CMO with Letstack – an IoT-enabled global leader in GPS, Mobile Tracking and Security Systems. Recently, she was also recognized as Inspirational Women in Business in 2020 by Business View and CMO of the year in 2019 by the World Federation of Marketing Professionals & Making of Developed India.

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