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The COVID-19 outbreak increased the demand for RT-PCR tests dramatically, resulting in a tremendous market expansion. However, conventional molecular platforms have a number of restrictions that the industry had to overcome at first. Recognizing the constraints, the industry is prepared to meet the challenges and use technology and innovations to disrupt molecular diagnosis. Meanwhile, as modern medicine developed, genetics appeared to play an increasingly essential role in predicting and detecting diseases. Genetics is on the verge of becoming the cornerstone of modern medicine. In the coming decade, we will see a dramatic shift in how we manage diseases and their treatments. Much of this transition will be attributed to current breakthroughs in clinical and human genetics. This has opened the door to previously unexplored and undiscovered business potential being leveraged by diagnostic companies. Here are the top five businesses disrupting the Molecular Diagnostics space in India: 


1.Genes2Me Pvt. Ltd.: 

Founded in 2016 by Mr. Neeraj Gupta and Ms. Ritu Gupta, Genes2Me is a Genomics-focused diagnostic company with an aim to continuously develop unique & Innovative IVD solutions to enhance global health even in resource-limited areas in a cost-effective manner. Through its broad range of Genetic tests, Genes2Me has been serving Clinicians and Individuals across India to understand Complex Genetics Disorders and susceptibility to various health conditions. The company has been able to deliver Innovative Testing solutions as a manufacturer of IVD kits and also provides high-end genetic testing services in the segments of Personalized Health, Mother and Child Care, Oncology, Next-generation sequencing & Infectious Diseases. Genes2Me is committed to creating a center of excellence in precision genetic testing and analysis by continually improving its services so as to meet and exceed globally recognized standards and maximize customer satisfaction. Genes2Me has recently launched its brand new product RT- Direct Multiplex Extraction free RT-PCR kit for COVID-19 which delivers results in just 40 minutes. The kit is based on the gold standard RT-PCR method with coverage of three target genes specific to SARS-COV-2 along with IC, which is much more advanced than all others having 1 or 2 target genes. This greatly increases the sensitivity of the RT-PCR test to detect samples with different mutations/variants such as Omnicron, delta variant, etc as this kit targets three different Sars-cov-2 target regions. 


  1. Advanced Genomics Institute And Laboratory Medicine (AGILE) – LABASSURE

AGILE (Advanced Genomics Institute and Laboratory Medicine) is a specialised research institution with the mission of using technology to enhance people’s lives by better understanding various illnesses and biological processes and moving innovations from the bench to the bedside. LABASSURE is Advanced Genomics Institute and Laboratory Medicine’s diagnostics division. Labassure offers high-quality diagnostic testing in a variety of medical specialities, including paediatrics, gynaecology, foetal medicine, obstetrics, infertility, oncology, ophthalmology, and infectious diseases. LABASSURE is a NABL-accredited medical testing company that is also a recognised provider of genetic diagnostic services. The Indian Council for Medical Research has also given LABASSURE approval to conduct COVID 19 testing (ICMR).



Founded in 2013, MedGenome Inc. is a global leader in personalized medicine with unique genomic solutions in immuno-oncology, diabetes, ophthalmology, cardiology and other rare diseases. MedGenome also supports human genetics research by leveraging our extensive infrastructure to access samples and data from patient records through collaborations with over 500 hospitals in India, combined with capabilities to perform population level genomic sequencing of individuals. Through our extensive presence in the Indian sub-continent, we have access to data that provides insights into genetic diversity of the Indian population for more than 4,500 population groups. Bioinformatics pipelines built to analyze data from large-scale sequencing efforts will facilitate identifying novel human genetic knockouts and medically relevant variants for drug discovery research.


  1. Lilac Insights

Lilac Insights, Leading Genetic testing company in India in the field of reproductive Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Genetic Consultation & Counseling, Metabolic Genetics and Fetal Autopsy. Lilac Insights is widely regarded as the pioneer in the field of Reproductive Genetics & Cancer Genetics in India. From introducing Prenatal genetic screening and diagnosis to cutting edge cancer genetics program, Lilac Insights has always been ahead of the curve. Further it has been among the 1st few companies to follow the guidelines and protocols set by internationally renowned organizations like Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) & National Health Service (UK) in India and successfully shape the genetic screening and diagnostics industry of the country.


  1. The Gene Lab

Genetic ailments are numerous, clinically heterogeneous, and difficult to diagnose. More than 300 million patients worldwide are affected by one of the 7000 known genetic diseases. Many of these life-threatening diseases are preventable and several of them curable if promptly detected. The Gene Lab by Clevergene with its leading-edge genomics driven diagnostic tests is solving the diagnostics odyssey for patients with genetic ailments. The tests are developed based on rigorous research, thoroughly validated genomic assays and AI driven analytics to provide accurate diagnosis in a patient friendly manner. Their expertise in genomics, data analytics and human genetics provide us with a unique strength to deliver the most comprehensive diagnosis to the millions suffering from genetic ailments.


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