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There are scores of software products and mobile applications that can optimize hospital processes, enable better patient handling and streamline the workflows of doctors, nurses and other support staff. For instance, a few healthcare centres have remarkable headway with regard to bed turnaround rate, which is in many ways at the centre of the overall functioning of a hospital. But who really are the players that are making the difference through the power of technology?

Appy Pie

With the help of cloud-based no coding platform Appy Pie, hospitals and other healthcare centres can build apps, websites or chatbots without getting into the hassles of coding. While Appy Pie is equipped to strengthen the first line of communication between patients and hospitals, it eventually improves patient communication and engagement. Besides, Appy Pie offers advanced no-code solutions to automate internal processes like managing employees, maintaining patient records and boosting online presence and functionality. Not just hospitals, but even pharmacies and independent healthcare professionals can make optimum utilization of tools and features provided by the platform.


NovelVox is a new-age Indian software product house that provides contact centre solutions to healthcare entities, among others. NovelVox’s Unified Agent Desktop system is engineered to integrate an agent desktop easily with EMR and EHR so that appointment status, reason for call, doctor’s availability etc can be obtained without any hassles. The processes that can be eased out with the tools provided by NovelVox include appointment management, raising service requests etc. Also, a call from patients can be instantly transferred with complete information among multiple departments.

MSB Docs

Having served a number of healthcare and life sciences entities in India as well as abroad, MSB Docs is a leading Smart Document and Signature solution provider. Recognized under government of India’s Startup India programme, MSB Docs has helped one of the leading hospitals in the national capital region in digitalizing some of their key paper-based processes. The document digitization platform allows doctors to update patient discharge summaries and provide electronic approvals using their mobile phones. As a result of the swiftness and agility in the process, patients benefit from a shorter wait time while getting admitted, discharged or seeking appointments with doctors. Besides, the platform also implemented paperless processes during the development of Covid-19 vaccine by a leading global drug developer.


Serving for over 25 years in the security and surveillance domain, Secureye has an evolved portfolio of products to serve varied businesses, including hospitals and healthcare centres. Secureye offers a wide variety of surveillance devices that hospitals can use to streamline its operation in the wake of new post-covid normal. For instance, Secureye devices can detect the temperature of a person at the point of entry without any human contact. This helps in identifying potential patients and unwell employees even before they can enter the main area of a hospital, and can thus be isolated to further stem the spread of infections. Apart from this, the employee attendance can also be managed in a non-contact manner with ease by using tools offered by Secureye.


This cloud-based hospital information system designed to transform hospital operations and deliver enhanced patient care. The comprehensive hospital information system boasts of letting any healthcare entity offer the best care to patients while miximizing revenue and achieving operational efficiency. It offers more than 20 modules to cater for every need of a hospital of clinic and some of its flagship offerings include Patient Management Portal, Clinical Management interface, automated billing process and real time requests of stocks by stores.

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