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Covid-19 has highlighted the relevance of technology to the rest of the globe, and Kirana retailers have realized that technology adoption is no more an option but a requirement. Many businesses are now equipping Kirana stores in India in expanding both financially and geographically. Small businesses require powerful and impactful support to scale up their business while targeting the correct audience in this cutthroat industry due to the existence of huge e-commerce competitors.

These enterprises would want a platform to reach out to a bigger client base, given the new normal that has compelled everyone to become digital. With the help of E-commerce platforms, the kiranas are expanding boundaries, growing faster, and are confident to compete effectively in the Indian market.

Here are some of the E-commerce platforms that are strengthening Kirana stores in expanding their business:


Udaan is a Business to business marketplace on which manufacturers and wholesalers can sell their products to retailers via an online platform or mobile app. The company also offers accounting, order management and payment management solutions to merchants on their platform. The company provides logistics, secure payments, and technical support also. Udaan helps businesses discover customers, suppliers, and products across categories and connect them to get the best deal.  Udaan intends to provide working capital(funds) to them at a reasonable rate. So, apart from being a platform for retailers and wholesalers, it has also started underwriting loans for these small businesses and also received a non-banking financial company (NBFC) license to provide finances to SMEs.


TradeIndia, the country’s leading B2B online marketplace platform has recently launched the TI  shopping feature in the B2B e-Commerce space. The B2B trade and eCommerce player has also partnered with ePayLater, to offer interest-free credit to both buyers and sellers. Enabled on the TI Shopping platform, ePayLater offers credit lines of up to INR 25 lakh through a simple and intuitive process that can be completed by buyers anywhere in India within 10-15 mins. ePayLater has already enabled credit access to over 10% of this comprehensive Kirana network nation’s comprehensive Kirana network and has built an approved credit pool of over 400 Cr already.

ANS Commerce:

ANS Commerce is a full-stack e-commerce enabler, launched in 2017 by Vibhor Sahare, Amit Monga, Nakul Singh, and Sushant Puri. The platform helps brands sell on the brand store (their own website), as well as on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Equipped with end-to-end e-commerce solutions, ANS Commerce is also helping small businesses like Kirana stores and retailers, who don’t have their online presence and are keen to make the most in the market, to set up their online presence especially after the pandemic. Providing a unique full-stack platform that includes brand store tech, performance marketing, marketplace management, and warehousing, it covers all the e-commerce needs of brands that can scale their online sales through these services. 


SnapBizz is a custom-developed mobile solution hosted on a secure cloud platform using the latest technologies. The intellectual property is protected by various patents filed. It transforms the store into a virtual supermarket and connects businesses directly to consumers, brands, distributors, and wholesalers along with the  GST ready billing solution. The customers can directly place their orders on a customized mobile app built to connect. It is successfully helping 10,000+ stores across India with a proven 20 -25% increase in business across all our partner stores. It is located in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Goa and more.


Bizongo is a B2B e-commerce marketplace catering to the large Packaging, Paints, Plastics and Chemical industry across India. Bizongo boasts of 2000+ products across verticals like Rigid and Flexible Packaging, Paints, Plastics goods and Raw materials, and Construction Chemicals. Bizongo provides suppliers with technological tools to expand their reach.  Bizongo’s seamless chat platform and quotation generator can now help buyers interact with verified suppliers and negotiate with them on the go. Bizongo has also launched a direct sell facility which will now allow both industrial and non-industrial customers to order products in retail quantities allowing them to test out samples

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