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The online content industry has seen a paradigm shift in its process and strategy in the past few years. Be it social media, news consumption, or entertainment, consumers have started trusting digital platforms for their contemporary requirements.

In the view of the lockdowns and the increase in the number of bedizens, companies are putting faith in online content formats that can be consumed on the go. Therefore, various visionary entrepreneurs have created digital platforms with an aim to provide a discrete experience to their online content consumers.

Here are 5 Entrepreneurs who are making an impact on the online content industry:

Vicar Chandra- Founder, Editorji

Vicar Chandra is a veteran journalist and former group CEO, NDTV. He is the founder of Editorji, an app which offers everything an avid news consumer looks for – breaking news, latest headlines, trending news stories, and in-depth coverage of sports, entertainment, showbiz, fashion, gadgets, and technology. Vicar bets on AI-powered short videos to create a better news dissemination process for India. Editorji is an effort to provide personalized video news, reshaping the way you view information today.

Azhar Iqubal – Co-Founder and CEO, Inshorts

Azhar Iqubal is the founder and CEO of Inshorts. Being someone from the 1990s Azhar understood the importance of speed and ready to consume content. Hence, he created Inshorts, an app that understands that people don’t have time to go through long news articles every day. It cuts the clutter and delivers the news in 60-word shorts. Under Azhar’s leadership, the platform aims to provide short news for the mobile generation. The app had made news reading effortless and quick.

Pathik Shah- CEO, DB Digital

Pathik Shah is the CEO of DB Digital, a Digital Products startup focused exclusively on building the best news content products for more than 500 million Indians who are online on their mobile devices. He is responsible for defining the product and business vision and strategy, meeting the business goals and building a solid team which specializes in building and growing consumer products, among other things.

An engineer by education, he is an autodidact who aims to build extremely high quality, personalized, engaging and insightful news products while experimenting with new product features, technologies to build a smarter India via a much better class of News products than anything that currently exists in the market.

Ranjeet Pratap Singh- Co- Founder and CEO, Pratilipi

Ranjeet Pratap Singh is the Co-Founder & CEO at Pratilipi. Ranjeet holds a BE from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, and has an MBA from FMS, Delhi. He worked with Vodafone before starting Pratilipi. His venture, Pratilipi is India’s largest platform associating readers and authors in 12 Indian dialects. Ranjeet’s idea is to create a platform that unites scholars and pursuers in a virtual network that instigates a dialogue on literature in any language.

Vishal Gupta- Co-Founder and CEO, Momspresso

Vishal Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Momspresso, the leading multilingual content platform for mums across India. Vishal spearheads each aspect of the platform’s growth with a specific focus on product development, delivering financial and consumer KPIs, building and retaining a high-performance team, and managing the financial stakeholders. Under Vishal’s leadership, Momspresso has cemented its stance as the seamless, cross-platform window of expression, self-discovery, and recognition to hundreds of moms in the country. Committed to offering mums with a vibrant platform to share their experiences, feel empowered, and connect with one another, his immediate goal is to have at least 70% of Indian mothers on Momspresso in the next five years.


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