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The top destinations to study abroad and the factors influencing that decision were revealed in a new report published by upGrad Abroad, the study abroad arm of Asia’s leading Higher Edtech major, upGrad. According to the ‘TransNational Education’ report[1],  Canada (29%) remained the most preferred destination followed by Germany (26%), US (20%), UK (16%) and Australia (9%). The report cites that 78% of the survey respondents planning to study abroad were students in the final year of their graduation and as many as 62% of young working professionals, with work experience of less than a year, were vying for overseas education.

Canada’s high-quality education, affordable vocational courses, and abundance of related jobs are the primary reasons for the country to be able to beat the US and the UK in obtaining the top spot while Australia’s relatively higher operating/living costs made it the lowest preferred destination. On the other hand, Germany, which was the second preferred study destination, has a simpler study permit process. The only hitch is one needs to have a decent knowledge of the German language (at least B1 level) to get a permanent residency (PR). The US and UK were preferred due to the choice of reputed Universities. The TransNational Education Report further highlighted that 31% of respondents who showed an interest in pursuing a management degree from abroad were inclined towards pursuing the program in Canada, while approximately 25% eyed Germany, 16% chose the UK, 15% the US, and 10% preferred Australia for the said program.

Ankur Dhawan, President, upGrad Abroad commented, “The genesis of upGrad Abroad rests on the urgency of having quality and affordable transnational learning opportunities available for India’s youth. Therefore, this report is a one-stop document that identifies the prevalent trends in overseas higher education combined with audience sentiments to further shape the program choice, delivery, and motivation for our Indian aspirants.”

According to the annual Destinations Survey by Cambridge International, it was found that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a major disruption in the education system and has also affected the decision of where to study.

The TransNational Education (TNE) Report is a half-yearly trends report by upGrad Abroad that intends to understand and assess the changing dynamics around higher education overseas. upGrad Abroad is the business vertical of upGrad that offers the learners dual benefits of being cost-effective, with an added advantage of mobility. Learners have the flexibility to complete half of their course online and finish the rest on campus at leading global universities and also explore job opportunities there at a cost significantly lesser than what they would have to pay for a fully on-campus foreign course.

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