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McGraw Hill released the first edition of the book, Augmented Reality, authored by Chetankumar G Shetty. The book not only caters to AR enthusiasts, researchers and developers but can also come in handy for undergraduate and postgraduate students, software professionals, technology learners, and all those interested in knowing about the subject.

The first edition offers a unique blend of the theoretical and practical aspects of the concepts of Augmented Reality. Written in a lucid manner, the text guides readers to understand the complex mathematical derivations and architecture used in developing AR applications. Replete with real-world examples and case studies, readers will get hands-on experience in programming, prototyping and implementation.

Author of the book Chetankumar G Shetty said – “ I have spent a great deal of time in perfecting the manuscript. I believe that the book is potential enough to be a textbook for Bachelors/Masters in Augmented Reality. I am glad that the book project was continuously mentored by two pioneer scientists in AR – Mark Billinghurst and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa which helped in uplifting the quality of content. Seeing the continuous change in the AR world, I am sure upcoming editions of the book will contain much more exciting content.”

Here is a glance into the exhaustive coverage of the book:

· The book includes latest industry trends in AR, such as, Natural Feature Tracking, Mobile Augmented Reality

· Topics on computer vision & computer graphics usage in AR, and designing & developing mobile AR systems

· Integration of theory and mathematical aspects for developing AR app

· In-depth coverage of programming AR

Hence, this book is a one-stop-solution if you want to gain knowledge and expertise on the subject of Augmented reality.

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