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Aerospike Inc. announced today the general availability of Aerospike Database 6, a significant new release of the core engine that powers the popular Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. Aerospike Database 6 provides developers an environment that supports multiple programming models to build real-time applications with a predictable performance at any scale for which Aerospike is renowned.

Aerospike Database 6.0 is the first real-time database with native support for JSON document models at any scale. The release adds enhanced support for Java programming models, including JSONPath query support to store, search, and better manage complex data sets and workloads. Aerospike Database 6 allows the company to support large-scale data models in instances across the enterprise and positions the company to add Time Series, Graph, and more data models in future releases.

“Market leaders—the disruptors in their industries—build with Aerospike to meet the insatiable demand for instant experiences in the Right-Now Economy™,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “Our Real-time Data Platform, powered by Aerospike Database 6, delivers predictable sub-millisecond performance, low latency, and unlimited scale. And we do this at an affordable cost for many different data models across the enterprise. Companies that start with Aerospike future-proof their real-time data stack for ongoing growth and success.”

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