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Affine, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) and data engineering consulting and solutions firm has been selected as one of the 10 service collaborators for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Panorama globally to cater to the growing need for efficient, faster, and more accessible computer vision.

Organisations of all sizes want to improve visibility in their processes to increase efficiency and avoid potential issues. Computer Vision automates this process to ensure accuracy or tracking assets to optimising supply chain operations.

AWS Panorama is a machine learning (ML) appliance and software development kit (SDK) that brings computer vision (CV) to on-premises internet protocol (IP) cameras. This will help optimize in-store experiences, generate heat maps of customer foot traffic to uncover insights about your store layouts and product placement, improve restaurant operations by ensuring order accuracy, predict wait times, and streamline curb side operations to boost customer satisfaction, and gather supply chain inputs by easily tracking throughput, optimizing freight operations, and recognizing objects such as labels, barcodes, parts, or products.

“Our position as deep tech solution innovators leveraging AI, analytics engineering and cloud is validated with this relationship. Being recognized as one of the 10 AWS Panorama Collaborators alongside global brands, has given our R&D team a fillip to compete with leading brands. We are in the process of hiring top talent to address the new industry demands for niche offerings,” said Saurabh Tandon, President – Corporate Management, Affine.

An Indian multinational corporation (MNC), founded about 10 years ago as an end-to-end analytics service provider, Affine started with descriptive and basic predictive analysis but evolved over the years to center of excellence (COE) with aligned competencies, collaboration with academic institutions for R&D with respect to advanced statistical and mathematical models, and deep learning to capitalize on the need for high-end analytics.

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