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With an aim to empower women entrepreneurs and enable their growth and success in business, Akhabar, a media company organised the Women Business Conclave at NIV Art Centre. As chief guests, Mr Rajkumar Das and Mr Kumar Avishek lit the lamp to kick start the event. The conclave’s primary objective was to strengthen the cause of female entrepreneurs. The conclave aimed to bring together successful female entrepreneurs and experts to discuss how to grow businesses. The conclave deals exclusively with women in business and opportunities for female entrepreneurs, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

The event is aimed to recognize women entrepreneurs who have gone out of their way to succeed in life. For instance, Himanshi, a woman entrepreneur, lost both of her parents to Corona at the age of 22, and she is now working day and night to fulfil her father’s dream of running a restaurant called ‘Chatori Zuban.’

Speaking on the occasion one of the women entrepreneurs Ms Dimple Rajkumar, Celebrity Makeup Artist said, I’ve always wanted to work, and what I’m doing now is only with the support of my family, because for women, the choice of being an entrepreneur is not merely an individual choice; it is a family choice because her decisions are family decisions. I always encourage every woman to be financially independent and to never give up.

While addressing the conclave, Adarsh Kumar, Editor in Chief, Akhabar, said, “It is essential to increase women’s participation in the industry and business and in order to do so, we must empower women.”

The program was hosted by Vishal Rajput and Amit Puri and the editor-in- Adarsh Kumar ended the program by giving the vote of thanks

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