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AMA Herbal Group of Companies has recently launched its 100% organic Vegetal Sunscreen Lotion. It is a non-greasy, broad-spectrum formulation that is a unique blend of Amla, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Kesar & Piper extract that stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the skin from UV rays preventing it from tanning and ageing. The lotion has no chemicals, parabens or synthetic colours.

Co-Founder and CEO of AMA Herbal Group of Companies, Mr Yawer Ali Shah said, “Vegetal Sunscreen Lotion is free from parabens and PABA, which cause allergic reactions like itching or rashes, along with increasing the risk of cancer. It is a combination of powerful natural anti-oxidants – Amla, Tea and Harda extract help protect against free-radical damage to skin cells. It shields from environmental pollutants, chemical toxins, and possible bacterial infections. In addition to this, Aloe Vera and Turai extracts help maintain skin’s hydration and proper pH balance of moisture levels.”

Dermatologist Dr Aliza Zaidi said, “Exposure to the sun causes. Sunburns, tanning, pigmentation and even various skin allergies. Sunscreen is a must at all times. Vegetal Sunscreen Lotion is a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen which filters 97% of UV- B rays meaning you could stay 30 times longer in sun before getting sunburns or damage.”

“There is a big difference between UVA and UVB rays. While UVB causes sunburns, UVA affects skin collagen by penetrating deeper into the skin. The strong antioxidant formulation of Vegetal Sunscreen Lotion helps stimulate collagen synthesis. The addition of other natural sunscreen agents – Saffron, Piper Longum and Turai extracts further intensifies its ability to filter both UVB and UVA rays.” she added.

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