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Amo electric bikes, a brand creating reliable, sustainable, and affordable e-mobility solutions in India, is targeting a combined 350+% growth in sales of its flagship products Jaunty and Inspirer this festive season.

As compared to last year, the company expects the sale of its e-bikes Jaunty and Inspirer, to grow by 200% and 100-150%, respectively. Available in 3-4 different variants, Jaunty is a family-oriented product catering to customers between 18 and 45 years. The e-bike is available in both high and low speeds. On the other hand, Inspirer is a low-speed bike designed for all between 14 and 45 years, specially for school students, teenagers, retail chain store, daily collection agent etc, and does not require any registration and license as per government rules.

The brand has a healthy presence in more than 100 cities across India and has been witnessing a massive demand from 14 -15 states across North, East, West and Central India. Currently, having more than 120+ channel partners, the brand is looking at 100% growth in the next 6-8 months.

Speaking on the development, founder and MD Mr. Sushant Kumar, “We are moving forward with the positive market sentiments and are confident of robust sales momentum in the upcoming festival season. Out of our four basic e-bike models, Jaunty, accounts for roughly 70% of total sales and is the fastest growing at rates of over 300%. Inspirer is another flagship product that makes up 30% of Amo Mobility’s overall growth numbers. In addition, we are also on an expansion spree as we have already started expanding in the southern and northeast region of India.

As part of its ongoing third phase of expansion, Amo electric bikes has already started to expand its services to the country’s Northeast and South Indian regions.

Previously, the company has also recorded an overall 350% plus year-on-year growth in the last fiscal year.

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