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‘Catching Waves’ deals with the essence of words and targets the ‘why’, a question that always lingers in the mind but is seldom asked. First-time author, Dhruv Kabir, ponders upon this question and uses his words intricately to answer the same.

The anthology consists of a series of poems, which highlight a teenager’s views, thoughts, and perceptions towards the world and daily life events, hence, creating a covert impact. It gives the reader a close look into the imagination and observational factors that are combined to present ideas enigmatically.

Diligent, ambitious, and intelligent — Dhruv manages to create many opportunities for himself by the sheer force of his zeal. This book unmasks the layers of the visceral reality that exists, yet remains unattended.

Dhruv says that ‘Catching Waves’ was always going to happen. His interest in reading and writing had started in his early days and persevered through his life. His writing journey was born out of finding a means to escape his boredom but soon turned into a full-fledged hobby that was of utmost importance. It was only during the pandemic that he decided to turn his persisting dream of becoming an author into a reality, thus penning his ideas, and bringing his dreams to life in the form of this book.

“To write is to explain my core mysteriously. To have people look into the depths, which sometimes act as a mirror for themselves, and help them understand their thoughts; that’s what books did for me, I am just passing on the baton. While the book deals with concepts of imaginary dimensions, I do think that the human thought process is objective, and so is its comprehension- and it is that objectivity that differentiates us from one another, and I have tried to encapsulate it through words,” says the student-cum-poet, Dhruv Kabir.

Catching waves is available on Amazon and Google Reads.

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