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Appventurez, one of the leading mobile application development companies, plans to employ over 500 engineers and digital technology experts specialising in low-code and no-code app development this fiscal year, a 100% increase from its current team size of 250.

By employing significantly more developers, the company aims to expand its technological capabilities and build disruptive applications to meet the distinct requirements of businesses. The talent pool will be widened to include India and the Netherlands. A significant portion of the new hires will be for the company’s newly opened office in Lucknow, India.

Mr. Ajay Kumar, Co-founder, Appventurez stated, “We’re excited to grow our team in India and around the world by adding to our pool of talented developers who will assist us in designing and delivering world-class applications. Businesses have realised that they must seize the opportunities provided by low-code platforms in order to accelerate their digital transformation and remain competitive in a competitive market. As a result, we’re working to develop new digital-driven business capabilities that will help us achieve high performance and long-term value.”

One of the fastest-growing technology firms in India, Appventurez has successfully undertaken over 300 projects since its inception in 2018. While unlocking the power of innovation, the company is catering to a large customer base from all across the globe, that includes some of the majors like AMAZE mobility, CLEAR, RADIUZ, Moove Sharing, Dayprise, Toogthr, ASAPP, Matajer, GayBnB, and eZiPay etc.

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