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The communication between companies and their customers has evolved rapidly. One of the latest forms of frontline communication is chatbot. A survey in 2016, the pre-pandemic era, had suggested that almost 80% of the business wanted chatbots by 2020. And the technological revolution ushered in by the pandemic now confirms that nearly all companies from across any sector needs an effective customized chatbot for different stages of operations. Chatbots save on overheads and acts as the first line of communication with customers. Building a chatbot is an easy task now, thanks to some of the most efficient chatbot builders. Here we list the top three chatbot builders for 2021.

Appy Pie: The leading cloud-based no-code app building platform recently launched an all-new DIY chatbot builder, with scores of templates for different purposes such as recruitment, health insurance, inquiry, loan-application, etc. The Appy Pie chatbot builder was adjudged ‘#1Product of the Day’, on the day of its launch on the US-based platform Product Hunt. There are various intriguing provisions on the platform like transferring a chat from chatbot to live chat, booking an appointment, receiving inquiries on email, etc. Appy Pie chatbots can be integrated with apps as well as social media platforms.

Botsify: With Botsify, you can build multiple chatbots at one time and use them for different tasks. The chatbot builder boasts of providing a sales-driven website chatbot that would lead to increase in conversion. The chatbot is easy to set up and claims to replace any kind of human intervention on the website. There is an option with Botsify to build Facebook Messenger Chatbots as well as WhatsApp Chatbots. There is a Human Handover and Takeover feature, wherein the customers are directly connected with a real agent. Another highlight of this chatbot builder is its Chatbot for Education feature.

PandoraBots: The platform offers a wide range of chatbots for specific purposes such as customer service, entertainment, voice interface, B2C messaging, commerce etc. PandoraBots chatbot builder is one of the oldest in the segment, and requires some basic programming language. The platform is credited for building some of the best chatbots globally. The PandoraBots chatbots can be integrated with messaging applications, mobile applications as well as websites. It thrives heavily on AIML.

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