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Archies, India’s market leader in the social expression industry, celebrates Mother’s Day BY dedicating a campaign to mothers and honor them for playing an important role in our lives. The brand has to release the campaign film on its digital platforms. The campaign is designed around the emotions of a mother with their children’s and understanding, showering love towards a mother through gifts.

Through this film, Archies  highlights that motherhood is a full-time job that deserves to be recognized and appreciated by everyone. By showing a conversation between a mother and her daughter about how a personal touch is important for the daughter to show her love for her mother. The girl highlight how it is not possible for her to wish her mother virtually but feels her love needs to be shown in the right manner. The campaign addresses the mother’s role and celebrates her efforts and dedication towards her children’s and family.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director – Archies Limited, India, said  “While each day is important to celebrate love but Mother’s Day deserves an extra effort. Archies has always been the pioneer in celebrating emotion through our merchandise and feel it is time that our campaigns reach each screen. We wanted to celebrate this occasion with grandeur and give back a token of appreciation to the mothers that makes us who we are. For us, Mother’s Day is more than a celebration or a campaign. It’s the recognition that the lady of our house deserve, and Archies is proud to be the pioneer in this gifting business.”

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