Chaitanya Manas, Founder, Os'Yummly

Chaitanya Manas is a Designated partner at Os’yummly. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Having 4+ years of experience in Marketing and Merchandising, he is quite proactive in his approach. Obsessed with food, he led to the foundation of Os’yummly. Being creative minded, he thought of bringing something new and this is how the concept of Os’yummly- Food Studio cum Cloud Kitchen came into place.


The food industry is changing. High startup costs, burdensome restaurant maintenance and now Covid-19 have all threatened the restaurant industry. With the Covid-19 lockdown, the restaurants are kept closed and would-be diners are at home, craving exotic flavors. This led to the booming of a takeaway meal or home delivery options in India. And, there is a huge possibility that the shift towards home-delivered food or takeaways is going to stay for long. 

Enter a new normal- Cloud Kitchen!!! 

Cloud Kitchen- a new normal, is a delivery-only restaurant with no physical space for dine-in. It relies only on online orders placed for home delivery or takeaways. Just an operational kitchen for the preparation of food that functions as a production unit. 

Cloud kitchens are likely to become profitable faster than restaurants because of their low cost and broad reach. But low expenses are not the only reason cloud kitchens are successful. Consumer preferences are changing, more than before they order-in rather than eat-out and these changing preferences are translating into brisk business for cloud kitchens. 

Opening a normal cloud kitchen could be monotonous and that’s why we thought of adding a new concept to it- Food Studio. 

Cloud Kitchen vs Traditional Restaurant? 

Recent studies indicate that meal delivery orders increased by 150% from 2019 to 2021, and all thanks to the ongoing pandemic. More and more restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs are turning to cloud kitchens as an ideal business solution to capture the increase in food delivery demand. 

The idea of going out or cooking is becoming less appealing to millennials. Convenience is an important factor in driving their decisions. Food delivery brings with itself convenience, more options and even the growing number of healthy choices.

Cloud Kitchen not only saves your time, money and hassle but also provides you with a convenient and low maintenance business plan. It eliminates the expenses like dining tables, restaurant space, expensive cutlery, electrical fixtures, etc. You need not worry about purchasing additional space for parking and serving staff. 

It allows food businesses to start up in a matter of days or weeks as they don’t require time to build a complete dine-in facility. Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens or food studios don’t require hosts, servers, and restaurant managers. You can work with limited staff as well. 

Keeping such pros in mind, we thought of starting our very own Cloud Kitchen but with a new twist. This led to the idea of creating a Food Studio, an entirely new concept, never thought of or seen. 

Wondering what is a ‘food studio’? 

Well, Food Studio is a new concept that is being brought to India for the very first time. Just like a brand studio, Food Studio is one such setup- with lighting, space, framing, colour and flexibility of space, just to please the eyes. 

The word studio is derived from a Latin word: studium, meaning to study or zeal. Food Studio is a creative space where we study, create and prepare meals for everyone. It is a professional kitchen setup. A Food Studio not only prepares delectable food for its customers but also generate social media content, like, blogs, recipe vlogs and pictures of its delicious food. 

The younger generation is more curious and aware of things around. They look for answers – where is their food coming from, how many calories it has, is it organic or not? Brands have to build and align their marketing for this scale of awareness. 

And, this is where our concept comes in.

Food Studio, being a new concept in India will leave its customers mesmerized with its high-quality food, services, high-class chefs, lightings, contents and much more.


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