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KDK Softwares, a leading software company which provide practical and accurate solutions to the tax filing needs of SME’s and Tax Professionals. Despite the fact, business emphasizes on technical compliance and need to adhere to strict government guidelines, women are completely trusted upon to carry out a demanding job. Going by the World Bank report it becomes essential to reinstate the organization’s belief pertaining to gender parity in Indian job market. The firm broadcasts a clear message to the counterparts, competition and fellow-businesses to encourage women participation in their respective offices.

International Women’s Equality Day is celebrated across the world on 26th Aug, and the Jaipur based company who claims the dominance in Tax Software market, maintains an impressive 50 % female employee’s participation. Moreover, the business shows keen interest in increasing the women participation in future endeavors as well. Many MNCs, 2-tier and 3-tier organizations draw inspiration from KDK Softwares as majority still prefers to hire male candidates over female applicants on any given day.

Another study talks about bulk job advertisements’ preference for male candidates over female candidates as the years of experience in demand ascends. Contrary to the popular belief, more than 50% of top management and powerful positions are hold by female employees at KDK. In a path breaking manner, business not only employs female staff predominantly in their office, but also finds them to be better leaders.

Richa Sharma, Head, Strategic Analyst, K.D.K Softwares said “leadership is all about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in our absence, this has been totally reflected in KDK policy and more that 50% involvement of female staff shows the same, it’s a dream come true experience for me in KDK.”

Professional roles see different hiring trends according to the skill-set required. While teaching and management jobs see more demand for female applicants, IT and technical jobs experience male dominance. There are only few like KDK that amalgamates gender equality with their company policies seamlessly. This extremely progressive software development firm does not seem to believe gender playing any role in acquiring skills. “Hiring more women and people of color is a business imperative, our female staff who live full, happy lives tend to be the most effective contributors towards our business.” Said Kapil Goyal, MD, K.D.K Softwares (India) Pvt. Ltd.

In a recent study, it has been found that almost half of the start-ups have given up on hiring female staff to save on the maternity costs. This is yet another time when importance of diversity in a liberal organizational structure has been sidelined. Amidst Covid restrictions, work from home for both male and female associates have been entertained and encouraged by the top management. Clearly what matters to them is the quality of work and commitment towards organization. This is rightly being instilled at KDK by availing sense of belonging to the fullest.

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