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AscentHR, one of India’s leading HR Operations services and technology companies, has invested to acquire major stakes in nFactorial, a HR analytical sciences company that provides a platform to discover employees’ moments of truth that are critical to an organization’s success. AscentHR will be taking this platform to the market exclusively and continue to enhance the funtionalies from time to time.

“The platform enables organizations with real-time actionable insights to drive high performance. It demonstrates deep expertise in Analytics and has well-established R libraries. We will use technology to deliver effective employee connect initiatives to our customers,” said Subramanyam, Founder & CEO, AscentHR.

The cutting edge platform helps organizations listen, understand and act on employee feedback, recognize and reward employees, and identify leaders through uncovering informal networks that exist within organizations.

The official announcement was made on 10th January 2022 in Bengaluru. Speaking on the occasion of the announcement, Subramanyam mentioned “This move is in line with our growth plans to meet the Future of Work demands.”

The CEO of nFactorial, Arun Krishnan, said “This augurs well for the products of both companies as they complement each other very well. It also brings us closer to our vision to be an end-to-end employee experience solutions provider. The giant jigsaw puzzle of an integrated end-to-end HR platform that serves the needs of organizations is all the more closer to completion.”

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