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Asteria Belmont has announced that Diyana will feature the first-ever Quantum OLED rollable display which will be shipped across the globe from June 2022. Diyana, designed by Asteria Belmont in Seattle and assembled in India is anticipated to be officially introduced by Asteria Belmont in February of next year, and will begin shipping globally from June 2022.

Occupied with too many gadgets around? Imagine having a replacement of the entire Apple line up in your pocket. Diyana is not just any other smartphone, Tablet, Pc, or Mac device. It is a whole new spectrum that’s been never seen before. According to the patents, Diyana is powered by the all new ARM based Diyana processor with hyper performance, a faster CPU, and GPU than any of the smartphones/tablets and most of the PCs today. Fuelled by the longest lasting fragmented battery setup with an optimized performance enhancer feature, the battery wirelessly charges in under 20 minutes. Comes with 120 MP tri-camera systems, multi band speakers for theatre sound effects, customised operating system, a 1300 Nits, and 4K resolution provides the best display experience which can be rollable from 6.7 inches to a tablet-sized display. This provides a seamless video and gaming experience. And an extremely premium builds of ceramic and titanium with precision down to the atomic level.

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