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Adding a sparkle of colours in the otherwise monochromatic world of diamond jewellery, AUPULENT – a rapidly emerging affordable luxury jewellery brand, is launching, for the first-ever time in India, an artisanal and uniquely fine-crafted coloured lab-grown diamonds jewellery collection.

Adding more ‘aupulence’ to its innovative journey of marketing and e-selling extremely fine and well-cut Lab Grown diamonds, this new coloured cultured diamonds collection will initially have up to 15 unique variations, bringing to Indian millennials some unique hues of diamonds in shades of charming pink, royal blue, and majestic yellow.

At the launch of their new collection, Surya Jain, CEO and Co-founder, of Aupulent, said, “While diamonds have always been a woman’s best friend – the Gen Z and millennials today are looking out for trendier, ecologically conscious and well-differentiated jewellery – something that should reflect their new passion and strive to make their own marks. I’m hopeful that our new coloured cultured diamonds range will be optimally suited to these wishes. So far, coloured diamonds have been a rarity and accessible only to those who could either afford highly expensive natural-coloured diamonds or have a network with limited jewellery factories that manufacture them essentially just for B2B needs. But now, all they have to do is log on to Aupulent site, check out these exquisite coloured lab-grown diamonds and flaunt them affordably. To make the purchase process easier for customers, Aupulent has made the entire process a breeze – right from ordering through the site to having a 15-day no-questions-asked return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.”

“This is why when celebrities like Jennifer Lopez flaunted a pink ring gifted by then fiancé Ben Affleck and Beyonce adorned the legendary yellow Tiffany diamond, it made the news for weeks. What the Indian clientele needed was something equivalent to natural diamonds but at affordable costs. And the next best thing after extremely rare, difficult-to-source natural, coloured diamonds are lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds (especially at Aupulent) are comparatively easier to make because they are grown in a monitored laboratory environment under the supervision of expert engineers. So, they have the scope to be more readily available here because apart from one to two brands that produce only a very limited collection the mainstream jewellery brands have not tapped into this.” Abhishek Dak, the Co-founder of Aupulent added.

What’s the deal with coloured diamonds and what makes specific colours so special? Well, according to the biggest diamond experts and enthusiasts, there aren’t many pure and natural coloured diamonds in the world. For instance, finding variations of pink and blue diamonds is a challenge because 90% of pink diamonds comes from the Argyle Diamond mine in Australia while blue diamonds are found only in two mines – the Argyle Diamond mine and the Cullinan mine in South Africa. The Golkonda region in India too is a hub for mining and producing blue coloured diamonds. So, you can easily notice the extreme rarity of these diamonds.

Even with lab-grown diamonds, the market is just catching up. Aupulent’s aim is to make coloured diamonds accessible to the larger demographic in India. Because lab-grown diamonds resemble natural diamonds in every way, especially to the naked eye, their market value is high. Only an expert can tell apart a natural diamond from a lab-grown one, which is why lab-grown coloured diamonds are the next best thing. Lab-grown diamonds are made in a way that imitates the natural process of diamond formation to the T. These diamonds are also made of carbon but they are exposed to elements like nitrogen, boron, or radiation to develop the coloured tone. Apart from blue, pink, and yellow, there are many other diamond colours available. But Aupulent is starting with blue, pink, and yellow because these colours are in demand. They also have the right degree of intensity and the proper shape/ cut to accompany them.

Aupulent’s launch has got to be good news for those who have always searched for grade-A, premium, unique, and intricate coloured diamond jewellery. And to bring the best to the table, Aupulent diamonds go through all level of quality checks and have an international quality certification to their name.

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