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Avantor, Inc., a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the life sciences, advanced technologies and applied materials industries, is donating 30,000 N95 masks, 600 infrared thermometers and 600 pulse oximeters, valued at approximately US$30,000to the Indian Red Cross Societystate branches in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand to support COVID-19 relief work.This is in addition to the Avantor Foundation US$30K donation to Project HOPE to aid COVID-19 relief work in India.

“Avantor India takes pride in supporting the critical humanitarian efforts of providing relief for vulnerable people and communities in these challenging times.We believethat our donation of much needed supplies and funding support will contribute to the Indian Red Cross Societyand Project HOPEto aid vital on-ground COVID-19 relief efforts in the country”, said Amit Sehgal, Country Head at Avantor India.

The Avantor Foundation donation to Project HOPEwillfocus on three program areas including distribution of medical equipment and supplies, COVID-19 training for front-line healthcare workers and vaccine public awareness campaigns in India.

While ensuring Avantor associate safety and well-being during the pandemic, the Company introduced several initiatives and impactful programs for its associates and immediate families in the country during this unprecedented situation. Enumerating the details on the Avantor associate well-being program in India, Sehgal said, “Throughout the pandemic, we have had an unwavering focus on helping keep our associates safe and leveraging guidance from creditable health agencies to establish safety protocols. We have developed a vaccination program including on-site vaccination drives at major locations, providing an alternative to the government vaccination program.”

In India, Avantor has engaged trained medical practitioners to run virtual education sessions for associates and family members pertaining to the management of COVID-19-related scenarios. The Company has also launched an Employee Well-being & Assistance Program (EWAP) that offers support and helps to address any personal or work-related challenges that may affect the associate’s well-being and work performance. Avantor’s regional HR team continues to explore other ways to support associates and immediate families as the situation evolves.

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