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Axis Direct, the online brand of India’s leading broking firm Axis Securities, announced the launch of FinPlan – a holistic financial planning and wealth-building platform powered by Finbingo (a SEBI registered Investment Advisor). The platform takes a scientific approach to analyze the data, which helps investors get an in-depth analysis of all financial instruments. FinPlan simplifies financial planning to make informed investment decisions best suited to one’s short and long-term goals. This tool guides investors in their journey by closely monitoring their investments through three powerful offerings – Portfolio Doctor, Wealth Builder, and Tax Planner.

Portfolio Doctor charts out an unbiased analysis of the investments every month, allowing investors to reassess, plan and maximize the investment potential. To maintain a healthy investment portfolio, this unique offering assists in tracking all the MF investments, measuring the credit quality of funds, identifying the laggards, and weeding out the non-performing funds. Wealth Builder is a technology-driven tool that takes stock of an investor’s financial status and suggests the required growth avenues. Its customized offering is suitable for both – a novice investor and a seasoned player. Tax Planner is a simple tool designed to maximize tax savings. This instrument analyses an investor’s current investment situation and guides to stay on top of tax obligations. Tax planning optimizes spending habits by scientifically examining the investments, expenses, and liabilities, making it easier to file returns at the end of the financial year.

Speaking on the launch, Vamsi Krishna, Head – Product and Marketing, Axis Securities, said, “At Axis Securities, we persistently strive to offer technology-driven, yet simple solutions, to help our investors make the best of any market situation. We understand that every customer has a unique investment requirement, and we are excited to offer a 360-degree tailor-made solution. Designed to offer holistic financial planning support, FinPlan will be a great value-add for our customers in their journey to achieve their financial goals. This smart tool will ensure our customers steer clear of volatile investment opportunities and long-term market risks. We are confident that FinPlan will be a game-changer and provide the strategic financial analysis that will meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Key benefits of FinPlan:

  • Customized financial advice: Basis the investor’s current financial status, risk profile, and life goals, the technology-driven platform gives suggestions on research-based investment ideas on where and how much to invest.
  • Financial market: Driven by technology, this tool tracks thousands of funds, assets, and investment opportunities to ensure users make the best of the financial market.
  • No hidden charges: The platform charges a standard subscription fee, regardless of the investment size.
  • Unified dashboard for users: Investors can get all the information they need regarding their financial accounts, be it investments or liabilities, along with a single snapshot of one’s money and financial position.

To use this platform, all an investor has to do is enter their investment data and set their financial goals. The platform uses technology to analyze the investor’s life goals and present financial status to suggest an unbiased, customized financial investment plan best suited to the investor’s needs.

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