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India’s leading breakfast cereals brand Bagrry’s has added 6 new nutrition packed seeds to its selects & organics range, bringing the goodness of natural plant-based nutrition to the table. The expanded Organics range now includes protein packed Flax seeds along with Quinoa & Chia seeds. The new Selects range comprises Pumpkin, Sunflower and Watermelon seeds all available in stand-up pouch packs

The 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free Flax seeds are rich in protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. These small by mighty seeds can be roasted and tossed into salads or ground and added to your regular wheat flour for a wholesome meal. It can also be used as toppings on muffins, breads, mueslis and oats for an added nutrition boost. Calcium and antioxidants-rich Chia seeds and the protein-rich super grain Quinoa are the other two seeds in the Organics range.

The green and crunchy Pumpkin seeds are loaded with good fats, proteins and micronutrients. They are 100% natural and gluten free. The Sunflower seeds are rich in fibre and protein and offer anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. The low-calorie, vegan Watermelon seeds is a natural immunity booster and enhance bone density. Add any of the seeds to your daily breakfast, smoothies or salads to stay energized throughout the day.

Aditya Bagri, Director at Bagrry’s says, “At Bagrry’s, we’ve always believed in natural goodness, Our Organic & Natural Seeds range is nutrition packed with protein, fibre good fats and micronutrients. They’re so easy to use and can be roasted and rolled into a healthy snack or sprinkled into daily foods for a healthful, power-boosting meal. These seeds are sourced carefully to retain natural goodness and maintain our exceptional quality promise. We had already successfully introduced Certified Organic Quinoa and Chia seeds. The positive response to those prompted us to further expand the range.”

Bagrry’s has a wide range of breakfast cereals and health foods that is all natural and , all-natural and fibre-rich breakfast cereals range made with the finest ingredients from across the world. In India, Bagrry’s has been a pioneer in categories, like Muesli, Oats, Bran and the range now includes many more healthy foods innovations such as Corn Flakes Plus (with 2X Fibre), Choco+, Whey Protein Muesli, Makhanas and Nut Butters and Apple Cider Vinegar.

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