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Diamond Drops, an initiative of Resource Environmental Engineering Pvt Ltd. based in Bangalore has in partnership with Danish Aquaporin presented the latter’s patented technology, Aquaporin Inside®, at the Danish Embassy in New Delhi. Mr. Freddy Svane, Ambassador at The Royal Danish Embassy, New Delhi, has officially launched the drinking water purification products and termed the partnership as “important” for both Denmark and India. The launch event was attended by eminent journalists and Aquaporin’s team who joined virtually from Denmark represented by Founder & CEO Peter Holme Jensen. He mentioned that the products are very advantageous for energy-challenged areas in India, as they do not require electricity to purify and provide great tasting water.

Drinking water purifiers based on Nobel Prize-winning technology tested by NASA in space

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the Aquaporin Inside® technology uses aquaporins, natural proteins, to remove pesticides, viruses, bacteria and other unwanted compounds. The technology generates clean, safe and great-tasting water with a high output per minute, a high water recovery rate and long cartridge life. In October 2011, scientists from Aquaporin successfully conducted their first field test with the Aquaporin Inside® technology in space in collaboration with NASA (CA, US).

Aquaporin’s drinking water purifiers get their unique properties from the Aquaporin inside® technology and come in two versions; ZERO AND ONE. ZERO operates without electricity and delivers 3 litres of purified water within the first minute, while ONE operates with a pump and produces 1.75 litres of purified water per minute continuously. In the future, Aquaporin will also develop solutions for modular kitchens and corporate offices.

Diamond Drops provides India with innovative water solutions

Sharing his insights on the launch, Harish HP, Diamond Drops CEO, said: “Our Prime Minister has a vision of providing clean water to every rural household by 2024. While the Indian Government has partnered with numerous nations under this vision, one of the most important alliances is the Green Strategic Partnership Program with Denmark, which, among other key issues, primarily focuses on water solutions”.

Diamond Drops is an outcome of decade-long efforts by a team of entrepreneurs whose expertise is in water-based solutions for the Government sector. Their partnership with Aquaporin is intended to bring more innovative water solutions in the coming future customised to the needs of the people in India.

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