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BANKIT, a leading Noida based fintech startup, has outlined its future vision by announcing its hiring and growth plans which are slated for the future. Moreover, the company is effectively progressing towards achieving its expansion objects as it hired over 50 professionals during the post-pandemic lockdown period. With the total number of BANKIT employees currently amounting to 160, the fintech company hired about 25% of its present workforce, mostly in IT and sales, during the lockdown.

Having recently on-boarded the new Head of IT, the company further intends hiring 50% more employees than its existing strength by the end of this financial year, focusing on campus recruitments and bulk hiring. As IT remains the most prioritized and sought-after area of hiring, the company is on the lookout for professionals with essential software and tech skills such as Java, Spring, hibernate, Struts, mySql SQL, react JSS, bootstrap, HTML, UI, UX, JQuery, Bootstrap etc.

BANKIT, as a fintech pioneer, further ambitions on-boarding 30,000 more agents to reach its established 1 lakh mark. The company also envisions touching a Gross Transaction Value of Rs 30,448 crore. The company is also extending a slew of exciting offers and plans for agents during the festive season to attract more customers. BANKIT began this process by concocting an attractive strategy to grant free DMT services to customers under various subscription plans

Commenting on the eventful journey so far, AMIT NIGAM, COO & Executive Director BANKIT, said, “We are glad to have been able to execute our vision of enabling countless underbanked Indians achieve financial inclusion and access to credit services. With the business/consumer world drifting uncompromisingly towards the digital medium, we, at BANKIT, have been at the forefront of actualizing this inevitable transformation. With fintech processes fast galloping towards nation-wide adoption, fintech players would naturally require to readjust and revamp themselves to address the skyrocketing consumer demand. Our numerous recruitments in IT and sales will surely prove instrumental in meeting the rising tide of consumer traction. At the end of the day, we know that the road ahead is replete with a number of challenges, but none which cannot be vanquished. We are confident that BANKIT will remain the market leader in its category and will continue etching milestones in the future.”

With over 2.2 million customer walk-ins every month, the company is witnessing maximum traction emerging from cities in states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Telangana, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal.

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