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In today’s fast paced world, there is a growing trend in adopting lifestyles inspired by tech enabled holistic wellness principles. “Healthy Living, Regular Health Monitoring, Personalised Health, Preventive & Remote Care” are emerging as core focus areas for holistic wellness. This is driven by the ease and convenience of technology adoption.

With its core mantra as ‘Happier Living Everyday’, BPL Medical has been in the forefront to achieve this goal through all its innovations and breakthrough technologies since its inception in 1967. For BPL Medical, focus on Home Health and Preventive Care is a step forward in this direction.

Taking a step further towards providing an inclusive wellness solution, BPL Medical is joining hands with AyuRythm, an IAN-backed innovative start-up with the aim to simplify healthcare, while enabling access to the most ancient and time-tested Vedic sciences.

The collaboration will enable users to experience wellness on a much deeper level that allows for a more joyful and truly healthy & preventive way of living.

About AyuRythm: AyuRythm aims to create a unique blend of ancient health sciences with modern technology. Their unique APP engages users for personalized solutions and holistic wellness using its proprietary algorithm along with a progress tracker, report generator, expert connect interface and over 1500+ home remedies.

With the integration of AyuRythm app with BPL pulse oximeter, BP meters and weighing machine, AyuRythm not only blends modern measurement techniques with Ayurvedic assessments (Naadi Pariksha), but also helps BPL customers to get personalized Ayurvedic wellness solutions.

Mr. Praveen Nagpal, COO, BPL Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd., expressed his views on this partnership quoting, “BPL aims to provide its customers a wellness experience not only through its devices but also making them aware of their health and providing them a total personalized wellness solution so that they can live happily in the comfort of their homes. This partnership with AyuRythm is in absolute sync with this approach.”

“It gives us immense pleasure to collaborate with BPL Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd., which brings 54+ years of brand legacy and healthcare expertise with them providing a wide spectrum of medical devices. This partnership is truly ‘Samasya se Samadhaan tak’ providing a holistic approach in bringing access to smart and modern diagnostic healthcare solutions to the fingertips of the users” says Abhilesh, CEO of AyuRythm.

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