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Casio India, a leading consumer electronics company reveals its new brand campaign called #FarakPadtaHai for its calculator category. Featuring 2 digital films targeting corporate workers and traders and backed by outdoor media support, the campaign is based on a key insight that consumers pay little attention to low-involvement items such as a calculator during purchase, a decision if made incorrectly they end up regretting as the product starts impacting their daily lives.

While Casio is already a market leader in calculators, this campaign attempts to create awareness among non-users by using humor to hammer home the importance of making correct choices even for seemingly small purchases. The digital films are live across all social media pages of the brand including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The brand is also supporting these digital films with out-of-home media in corporate hubs of metro cities as well as market areas pan-India.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President, Casio India said, “As a consumer-centric brand, we have always ensured that our offerings add value to their lives.  After rigorously studying the market, we created this campaign Farak Padta Hai (It Matters) for Casio calculators to highlight the importance of making correct decisions so that we can continue to impact consumers positively. Through this campaign, we are hoping to spread the message that consumers should consider quality, innovation, legacy, trust & overall value when purchasing calculators too as they all matter.”

Capturing the brand message, the 2 films open with their protagonists (an office employee and a shop-keeper) being told by an un-comprehending support cast to make do with any ordinary calculator as their preferred brand – Casio is not available. The protagonists then imagine a series of escalating scenarios impacting their lives, all due to the repercussions of using an ordinary calculator leading them to stand firm in their demand for a Casio calculator only.

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