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The Academy School (TAS), Pune, hosted a seminar-cum-discussion where the panel deliberated on several topics including the current trends in international school education and what could be done to create more engaging creative learning experiences for children.

Experts from CCE Finland graced the stage and discussed the Finnish curriculum and its pedagogy while also discussing several boards of teaching in India such as the ICSE, CBSE, IB, and IGCSE. The speakers also discussed the comparison between all the education boards and how a parent would know which of the boards to choose for their respective children. The speakers also included Saroj Raman, Principal, TAS, and the session was moderated by Renuuka Bhaskar, Head of Marketing, TAS.

Heramb Kulkarni, Founder-Director, CCE Finland said that the world is looking for 21st century skills. “The education system should answer the question with new pedagogy on which CCE Finland and TAS are working together. The effort, emphasis and approach should not have intellectual but curiosity-based model,” he said, adding, “Earlier the pace of revolution was 50 years. Now, it’s ever changing. To make the change consumable, it needs lot of resilience on all fronts.”

The Academy School is one of the first schools to adopt the National Education Policy (NEP) Model in collaboration with the Finland Education System. Speakers discussed how they can blend the two and bring about a much-needed change in the education as per the international trends.

“The world is asking children to understand what their strengths and skills are. True education is not about teachers informing students but how they approach the lesson in a way that they grab attention of students, develop curiosity and offer them a clear perception. Most of the times they have to run after content with the fear of completing the syllabus. The school can be a safe environment where children discover their strengths and practice different skills in order to face life after school and become confident and independent,” Nelli Louhivuori, Pedagogical Leader, CCE Finland.

Dr. Kristof Fenyvesi – Head, STEAM pedagogy, CCE Finland, aptly said that not everything needs to be levied on teachers. “The society also needs to accept the change happening around the world and act accordingly. Knowledge is not equal to information and learning is not merely developing memory. It is developing social skills, emotions, perspective, relationship and community-based learning. The movement of change is here in India and it has a lot to share with the world.”

Saroj Raman, Principal, TAS, said more focus should be in assessment of learning rather than assessment of teaching. “The focus is now shifting and it is time we build curiosity as base for education. There is so much we can do with today’s students who are our country’s tomorrow,” she added.

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