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Chelsea Football Club (FC) is back with season 2 of Chelsea Ke Superfans. The show is hosted by Chelsea’s brand ambassador in India, Arjun Kapoor. In the first episode, the country’s youngest leading gamer, Ujjwal Chaurasia (popularly known as Techno Gamerz) was featured discussing football and gaming. As a leader in the Indian gaming community, Ujjwal currently enjoys a 21M subscriber base on YouTube.

In conversation with Arjun Kapoor, Ujjwal was asked about the beginnings of his love for Chelsea. He replied, “I first noticed Chelsea in 2012, at the Champions League Final. I was introduced to the club by my friends, and I was impressed when Chelsea beat Barcelona and Bayern that year.” During the conversation, Ujjwal revealed that Eden Hazard is his all-time favorite player, and John Terry, his favorite captain. When asked about his predictions for the season, he said “I loved the way we started this year. It’s great to see such a tough team, and I am sure we will at least bag the Premier League this year.”

Chelsea’s rich history dates back to 1905 and the club has won five Premier League titles, eight FA Cups and two Champions League titles since then. Legends such as Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba, and Eden Hazard have played for the club.

In the episode, Arjun Kapoor praised Ujjwal’s brother, Ankit Chaurasia, for being a guardian angel to Ujjwal. It was Ankit who discovered this talent in Ujjwal, motivated him, and provided the Indian gaming industry with this young gem, who today is popularly known as Techno Gamerz.

Ujjwal never thought Esports and gaming could be legitimate career options like other sports. The popularity of Esports in India has now led to Gaming gaining recognition as well.

Gaming is attracting the attention of various industries in India, and it has a strong relationship with sports. While Esports is not at all like the traditional sports we play, the impact it has on the youth is evident, as it allows players to develop cognitive skills.

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