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The second day of Cognizance, the annual tech-fest of IIT Roorkee witnessed exciting events like Techzibition, Product World, Quizzotica, MUN, and departmental events. Cognizance’s exhibition series presented ‘Nino’- an Intelligent Humanoid Robot. Nino is a humanoid that can talk, walk, dance, sing, and play with its innate intelligence. It is built by Sirena Technologies, an emerging robotics company focused on delivering new, world-class products to the market.

After two years of the pandemic, Cognizance had finally managed to arrange an offline event, Techzibition, that had allowed enthusiastic students to present their scientific innovations at an extraordinary exhibition with a prize worth of INR 1.75 lakhs.

Workshops are a major part of Cognizance and the second day of the fest ended with loads of tech-informative workshops on the fundamentals of Deep learning by NVIDIA, User Research by Tree mouse and a workshop by Mathworks continued this day also.

The end of Day 1 of Cognizance 2022 was graced by a guest lecture by Dr. Massimo Stiavelli (JWST Mission Head at STScl) on “The James Webb Space Telescope: new humanity’s window to the Universe” in which he talked about James Webb Space Telescope and the different observations taken by the telescope.

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