Editorial Team

Instoried, the deep-tech platform that analyzes and optimizes the emotional quotient of written content, has launched their Content Emotional Intelligence tool for content creators across platforms. Anyone in the content creation space can now use app.instoried.com to curate their content pieces, be it a social media post, an email or blog,  to make it suit the ideal tone and emotion of their target audience. One can enjoy unlimited recommendations, unlimited analysis on unlimited pieces of content as a complimentary demo till the 1st week of April.

The Instoried tool enables real-time recommendations on improving the tone and emotion score of the content. The tool has other aspects as well – headline analysis tool to tell how captivating the headline really is and provide suggestions as well as a plagiarism checker to make the content piece SEO friendly, among others.

Instoried has a  data-driven approach using their proprietary AI-driven technology to make real-time analysis and provide suggestions to enhance content to increase engagement and interest for the reader. It helps enterprises and individuals create emotionally engaging content by analyzing and optimizing the emotional quotient, tonality and relevance of written content across formats like blogs, articles and social media posts.

The recently released list of LinkedIn titled ‘Jobs on the rise’ lists freelance content creators, marketing, social media and digital marketing, among others as jobs that will present better opportunities in the years to come. Top of the list are content creators, who use creative storytelling skills to produce entertaining content such as podcasts, Youtubers, bloggers and content coordinators are expected to grow. With India expected to have over 760 million smartphone users in 2021, demand for local and relevant content is only going to grow in 2021.

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