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ContentNinja, a Gurugram-based marketing and growth agency, has announced that it is now a platinum-tier solutions partner on Hubspot, one of the fastest-growing CRM and marketing automation platforms globally. Since its partnership with Hubspot, ContentNinja has seen a 250% annual growth over the last two years, and the new tiering will further help them power additional enterprise-tier marketing, sales, and CMS services for customers through the added collaboration with the HubSpot internal team.

While ContentNinja had been focused on inbound leads throughout its journey, since its partnership with Hubspot in 2018, their clientele has also seen a significant shift. More and more growth-driven brands that interested in smarter and more powerful marketing approaches have been reaching out to the agency. Being listed as a Hubspot partner has also helped bring in a plethora of international prospects and partners who focus on value over costs.

Now, with the platinum-tier partner certification, ContentNinja will gain access to behind-the-scenes news on upcoming HubSpot features and updates as well as increased access to HubSpot’s internal sales team, which can directly connect them to good-fit clients. In addition, being listed on the HubSpot directory also provides ContentNinja with significantly higher confidence from clients, as it is now one of the top 5 highest rated agencies in India.
Over its 5 year journey that has included some significant milestones, including a rebranding and targeted repositioning, today, ContentNinja works almost exclusively with technology and BFSI companies in India, Singapore, Europe, and North America.

As Shriya Garg, Founder at ContentNinja, puts it – “We’re focused on brands with longer sales cycles – where you have to guide your prospects’ buying decision with the right touchpoints and content assets rather than just discounts”.
The platinum tier also provides the agency with access to the top inbound conferences and marketing influencers in the world, helping it deliver the latest and most cutting-edge tools, strategies, and insights for its clients.
Now, the agency has set its sights on the Diamond-tier certification, working on a number of significant projects aimed at enhancing its growth and reach even further. These include:
Building a HubSpot Center of Excellence where rigorous boot camps transform marketing professionals into martech specialists

Expand its Hubspot CMS expertise and focus on releasing a CMS theme in 2022 Q1 that highlights its UI design expertise
In parallel, ContentNinja is also working on running outreach campaigns with the HubSpot team for the Indian subcontinent, hosting events for martech specialists, as well as forming strategic partnerships with other leading HubSpot agencies that can offer complimentary services.
Mayank Gulati, Founder and Marketing Director at ContentNinja, added, “Innovative technology solutions and dynamic, engaging content have always been our core strengths. So, being listed as a Platinum-tier Hubspot partner will help us further amplify our marketing and CMS services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. With brands and customers both evolving constantly, MarTech is only set to grow exponentially in the years to come, and so, we are very excited to see what the future holds for the industry, at large.”

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