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Delhi based Crysta IVF, one of India’s most trusted fertility chains, co-founded by Dheeraj Jain and Harshita Jain in 2019 together with healthcare institutional investors announced the launch of their new center in Indore. With the launch of this facility in the city, Crysta IVF aims to make fertility treatments accessible to everyone irrespective of the region or state.

The center in Indore is guided by Dr. Hemant Athavale who has more than 25 years of experience and Dr. Mangala Athavale with 40 years of expertise in infertility related treatments. Equipped with world-class treatments to help couples start their families, the Indore centre hosts various treatments such as IVF, IUI, Embryology and Surrogacy, which are effective and affordable. The cost of IVF treatment varies for each fertility case depending on various factors such as Amount of Stimulation required, Egg Donor, Age, freezing of eggs or sperms, Usage of advanced fertility treatment such as laser assisted hatching, ICSI, Tesa etc. The Center at Indore is well-equipped with advanced technology to cure different types of infertility problems.

Commenting on the new launch, Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Crysta IVF, said “At Crysta IVF, our endeavor is to provide affordable and best in class treatment to couples seeking infertility treatments. With this center at Indore, we hope to make fertility treatments accessible and affordable to all. Our team of highly qualified doctors have delivered 85 percent treatment success rate across 30+ centers in India. We aspire to provide fertility treatments without compromising on quality, patient safety and security and are confident that this new center will prove to be a ray of hope for couples in the city seeking parenthood.”

The newly launched center in Indore is part of the company’s ambition of launching 12 new centers in the next 9 months with a vision to become one of the leading infertility treatment providers having its presence in 100 cities across the country within a span two years.

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