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Are you a procrastinator, unable to achieve your fitness goals? Cultbike.fit gives you a chance to become the next Chief Excuse Officer with this fun campaign.

As weird as it sounds, this campaign by Cultbike.fit, India’s premier fitness bike brand, will spur the fitness goals amongst the Indian youth. Understanding the critical concern for people unable to achieve their fitness goals, Cultbike.fit through this unique campaign will reward those who lay off their fitness schedules for tomorrow by giving them the title of Chief Excuse Officer. The renowned stand-up comedian Atul Khatri will commence the campaign as the protagonist in the digital film. His role will be to pass on the baton of Chief Excuse Officer to the next person to whom the public will vote.

Speaking on the ideation and intent of the campaign, Mohit Ahuja, Marketing Director at Cultbike, further said, “Procrastinators plague fitness as a category, yet they form the most significant part of the industry’s target audience. Loads of traditional brands have tried to make this group fall in love with fitness but failed. We are doing things differently. We’re not selling an idea of a well-toned body but rather the concept of consumable and engaging fitness content that encourages the procrastinator in you to hop on to the fitness bandwagon. The Chief Excuse Officer campaign shows our intent in this direction.”

Cultbike.fit, which has recently been acquired by Cult.fit, is set to change the landscape of the fitness industry by bringing forth campaigns that motivate the Indian masses to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. The new Chief Excuse Officer will be paid 1 Lakh rupees for three months, as prize money. As a brand Cultbike.fit is not focused on generating business. Still, the main objective is to eradicate unhealthy lifestyle habits and motivate people to live healthier and happier lives.

Cultbike.fit, one of the country’s finest fitness convenience brands, wants to bring home a convenient workout experience for those who prefer to work out at home. The Cultbike provides an indoor cycling experience to the users, helping them work on their bodies and mind in their comfort zone.

The campaign aims to educate and spread awareness amongst the masses about the need for fitness and give the much-needed push to those who do not consistently focus on their health and wellness.

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