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Leading employee engagement SaaS platform – CultureMonkey launches CultureClub X – a global community  that will act as a knowledge and information sharing hub for company culture enthusiasts. CultureClub X powered by CultureMonkey is a community initiative for employee engagement advocates to innovate, collaborate, discuss and foster the theories of company culture. The community initiative will act as a bridge between people leaders, CHRO’s and individuals looking to gain knowledge about culture and engagement through direct community interaction, pre recorded content and group discussions.

With changing work environments and organizations welcoming the next generation of employees, there is an emergence in new workplace trends  such as hybrid working, DEI in remote work and mental & emotional wellbeing. The community is aimed to help organizations find the X-factor for their company culture that will help employers as well as HR leaders navigate through the latest trends, learn industry best practices, share their findings and become a part of a community of leading thought leaders and practitioners in the space.

The community initiative, so far, has featured HR leaders from key organizations such as Harvard Business publishing, Unison, W.K Kellogg Foundation as well as other prominent leaders certified from Forbes HR council, SHRM and Gitlab.

Senthil Kumar, Founder & CEO of CultureMonkey, said, “We came up with CultureClub X to create a community that engages with the absolute best minds of the industry where experts come together to innovate, collaborate, discuss & foster the theories of company culture. This platform is a one stop solution for all your company culture needs which brings out the X-factor of your company. Experts from the industry share their views in the form of interviews, podcasts & blogs thus enabling the viewers to pick a medium that they prefer best and find maximum learning in.”

CultureClub X is an exclusive & extravagant club that helps people  leaders to transform their workplace culture to boost employee productivity and skyrocket business vision. Building a one stop community to understand all significant shifts in organizational culture, CultureClub X –  has created a niche community for all things people.

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