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With a vision to enhance the healthcare ecosystem in small towns, Cygnus Medicare Private Limited, which operates healthcare services under Ujala Cygnus brand has announced its collaboration with 325-bedded Brightstar Hospital, the largest hospital in Moradabad district changing the entire healthcare landscape for this part of Uttar Pradesh upto Uttarakhand. Cygnus Medicare Private Limited is the only chain which is investing in bringing about a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is consumed in small towns of north India and this move will further strengthen groups vision of creating a value based healthcare chain providing world-class yet affordable medical facilities to these underserved areas.

Speaking on this development, Mr Probal Ghosal, Chairman, Cygnus Medicare Private Limited mentions, “No other corporate including all big hospital chains in North India have taken a step towards creating 325 beds hospital in district of Uttar Pradesh to cater to all secondary and tertiary care facilities in the community of this belt. We are also working towards creating biggest oncology center with high end surgeries and also start heart surgery in cardiology department to make this hospital full tertiary care facility. We are planning to invest approximately INR 50 crore in near future in upgrading all equipment’s and hiring super specialist doctors, paramedical staff and building digital health solutions. Our digital health division operating under “Medpho” brand will also provide telemedicine, teleconsultation, e-pharma and e-diagnostic services to remote locations to give the last mile access.“

Speaking on this, Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder & Director, Cygnus Medicare Private Limited says, “We believe that quality healthcare is a prime requirement, and everyone should have access to it regardless of their financial, economic or geographical status. A large number of communities are deprived of high quality healthcare services access just because of geographical and social status therefore we are working to address this issue by building a rich network of tertiary, secondary and digital healthcare in North India. Collaborating with Brightstar hospital will strengthen our offering in the western UP belt as this area is devoid of high quality healthcare services and caters to people travelling from not only from nearby areas or Kumauni region but also Nepal. We are also working towards critical aspect of wellness treatment and holistic care which are often ignored by hospitals thus ensuring overall well-being by ensuring packages focusing with yoga and meditation as a part of the treatment.”

Cygnus Medicare Private Limited has been expanding rapidly in the northern part of the country with this being the third hospital in the past one year. The organization now has 16 hospitals under its name with seven in Haryana, four in Uttar Pradesh, three in Uttarakhand two in Delhi and an upcoming one in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

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