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After successfully breaking linguistic barriers for email service in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japan, Thai and Korean, Indian IT firm Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd today reached Karnataka and launched its Made in India Datamail email service in the Kannada language to empower people of Karnataka to receive, understand and share information in their own language. Data XGen Technologies has become the first Indian IT firm to provide linguistic email services globally. The service is free of cost to individuals and chargeable for corporate e-mail IDs, which can be installed through the DataMail app.

Global innovator in breaking barrier on internet, Data Xgen with its solution Xgen Plus provides ‘Make in India’ Datamail, now with Kannada added to its list, offers email services in several foreign and 15 Indian languages. The company plans to add 6 more mother languages in its kitty this year.

Datamail offers email address in the language of user’s choice by supporting Email Address Internalisation (EAI) or email for Internationalised Domain Names (IDN).

“Datamail service will be the first to provide e-mail addresses in Kannada script for free to 50 million native speakers and it will also benefit some of the globally famous companies like Infosys, TCS, Accenture etc. In Karnataka, we usually see people speaking in local language and local people have some difficulty in understanding English. This offers a huge opportunity for Kannada language Email address and we bring  Datamail here to break the barrier of English language and provide comfort for Kannada speaking people,” said Dr Ajay Data, founder and CEO, Data Xgen Technologies.

Karnataka is a large linguistic market which makes it an obvious choice for DataMail services. The service has been launched with many innovative features to get delivery and read receipt on emails. It also comes with ‘secret keeper’ to protect card details, passwords, etc within the app. The company presently serves millions of users and leader in enterprise email market place.

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