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Anicut Angel Fund has invested and led the round of USD 300K in Deepsync Technologies, a deep tech venture using cutting edge AI for content production by allowing creators to replicate their voice. This allows content to be produced 10x faster than manually producing it, saving long hours on the recording, editing, and post-production. AI takes care of most of the production enabling the creator to devote more time on ensuring overall quality. This should vastly help voice-over talents and content platforms in scaling the production of long format audio content, which is on the rise due to Podcasts and Voice assistants. Anjan Ghosal and Venkat Raju were the leads in this investment on behalf of Anicut; other investors who participated in this round through Anicut include – Ashvin Chadha, Sanjiv Bajaj, Varun Thapar, Pran Mehra, and Tushar Singh. An Anicut (investor) representative will join the board of the company. 9Unicorns and FirstCheque were co-investors in this round. Proceeds from this round will be used to expand business operations, ramp up tech and product development, and expand the technology team.

Founded in December 2018 by Ishan Sharma and Rishikesh, Deepsync aims to solve problems in Audio production i.e. need for significant effort and elapsed time required to produce high-quality content. Deepsync’s focus is on the creators who are seeking to connect with their audience using their voice as a brand. Creators from industries like News & Publishing, Media, and Advertising can now augment their voices securely. While the old paradigm was to produce and edit everything manually, under this new paradigm, AI will make a difference in pushing creativity by working as an effective counterpart. Deepsync’s technology is already being used in the real world by companies in industries ranging from Education to Media.

“Imagine being able to create high-definition content without the need for equipment other than your laptop. Under this new paradigm, every creator would be able to do so, with AI working as a creative counterpart. ” ~ Ishan Sharma

Lead investors commented on the investment saying

“ Voice revolution is happening and demand is exploding. Traditional methods of (voice) content production won’t cut it. Deepsync has the right product at the right time and I expect them to ride this wave to become a market leader in this space ” – Venkat Raju

“AI-generated voice is now an integral part of everyday life and the demand for content is significant. The Deepsynce product offers a combination of high quality, rapid production and reasonable cost, exactly what the market needs.” – Anjan Ghosal

The avenues where audio tech such as voice synthesis can be deployed is ever increasing, with the voice cloning technology market estimated to touch $1.74 billion by 2023. From generating audiobooks with your favourite voice in real-time, and actors being able to dub in different languages using audio tech, to customize your smart home assistant’s voice, the areas in which audio tech can be put to use is rapidly expanding.

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