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CRY (Child Rights and You) in partnership with www.thecurators.art presents Happy Childhoods- a charity art sale, available for viewing and sale till 7th October, 2021.

Over 40 artists have poured their love into creating these artworks. Every piece in the collection is curated to communicate with our heart and to find a place in our home. These paintings capture some happier and healthier childhoods.

One of the paintings from the noble charity show- A Million Stitches is created by Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava, a Contemporary Artist. The painting captures her unique style of cyanotypes with stitching on handmade paper. Additionally, Dr. Gunjan has composed a poem inspired by her own artwork.

A Million Stitches

A million stitches! A million memories…

Jumping on the puddle, solving puzzles.

Did that make sense?

That one lone friend, holding hands,

Walking in the garden,

Picking flowers, lucid and fragrant.

Running after each other,

Hiding in unknown places with no fear.

Did that make sense?

Our childhoods are fragments of memories…

When you stitch them together, with one another…

It all makes sense!

  • By Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava

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