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When the startup, Gourmet Garden decided to implement influencer marketing in their marketing plans, their primary concern was to be able to measure the ROI of the efforts. Instead of approaching influencers with large followings, their decision to approach the performance influencer marketing solution, DRIM, the only tool in India that works on the Cost-Per-Acquisition model, brought them a reach of 2.7 million and 2000+ orders from new and repeat users in a very short time.

While companies drift toward influencer marketing as one of their primary performance marketing channels, the struggle for quantifying influencer results is stronger than ever before. By leveraging their audience, influencers are able to create brand awareness and even drive users to a brand’s social media profile, but how can brands measure if the influencers have been successful at driving conversions and how many exactly? 


Gourmet Garden, founded by Arjun Balaji and Vishal Narayanswamy in 2018, is a startup that strives to deliver fresh, safe and high-quality fruits and vegetables along with other food essentials across categories like Oils, Dips-Sauces, Cheese, Breads and Spices amongst others. Their vision comes from a place of wanting to help people to step up to better food and healthier choices, while being powered by a patented sustainable farming approach, centered around soil-less cultivation that involves 80% less water. 

Arjun and Vishal strongly believe in the importance of strategic growth that comes from data-driven brand building and marketing solutions – that further help ambitious early-stage startups to justify marketing spends. This search for innovative, data-driven, agile marketing solutions led Gourmet Garden to discover the influencer marketing channel in India, DRIM, which leverages tons of data and is the only solution that works on the cost per acquisition model with content creators. 

Problem statement

Gourmet Garden is a fast-growing start-up in a highly competitive space and it aims to strengthen its positioning as the one-stop solution for discerning customers, offering the widest range of chemical-free and certified organic food essentials in India. To hold the battle against other giants and players in the industry, Gourmet Garden is consistently on the lookout for innovative marketing solutions that can help them precisely quantify their ROI.

In this case, we discuss how, by choosing DRIM, Gourmet Garden, a startup in a highly competitive field, was able to generate over 2K orders, 2.7 million impressions, 20,000 clicks, extensive brand awareness for justified influencer marketing costs.

About DRIM

DRIM, a direct response influencer marketing platform, is gradually becoming the leading performance marketing channel for several companies in the food tech arena. With a blogger base of over 100,000 and 500+ influencer managers, DRIM helps companies quantify their influencer marketing efforts. 

It also ensures that brands pay only when there are results instead of paying large amounts of money just for their size of follower base. This is not only a desirable model for brands, but influencers can also maximise their earning potential by enticing their followers to follow their recommendations. 

While DRIM has worked with renowned brands like Dominos that have an established brand presence, startups like Gourmet Garden have also witnessed a significant share of their sales coming from DRIM influencers. This can be an indication that the cost per action model followed by DRIM has the potential to transform the influencer marketing industry into a more result-oriented one. 

Gourmet Garden and DRIM campaign roadmap

Here we will discuss the steps of the collaboration, the execution, results and takeaways:

Objective of collaboration

The aim of the collaboration between Gourmet Garden and DRIM was to engage with an influencer universe that echoes their idea of clean and sustainable eating thereby building a loyal community of discerning shoppers by promoting pesticide-free veggies and fruits through attractive unique offers. The objective was to increase brand recall and associate Gourmet Garden whenever healthy eating was mentioned.  

Execution and results

The Gourmet Garden campaign was run in two stages: 

  • The Learning Stage
  • The Growth Stage

The learning stage lasts for three months and is the most crucial stage of any DRIM campaign where their proprietary algorithm runs large data sets, analyses blogger information and identifies potential blogger segments. The campaign was launched in November and the number of orders this month was just  23. 

By the end of the learning stage in January, the number of orders reached 190, which was a 726% increase. During this period, the algorithm identified the highest-performing bloggers and unnoticed niches that had the potential to drive conversions. As you may see below, some of these segments like education, lifestyle, workouts and art may not be very obvious segments, but there are data-driven insights gathered by the algorithm and have been generating results.

The growth stage then saw steady growth in the number of orders where GG received 681 orders in March and 600 orders in April. Moreover, above 75 per cent of these orders have been from new users.  The campaign has seen 2500% growth in sales in 5 months.

Shivani Bhasin, who leads Brand Marketing at Gourmet Garden, adds, “We at Gourmet Garden are obsessed with two things, good food and great customer experience. As part of our growth phase and awareness building journey, we wanted to create a community of social media advocates who can help us educate prospective customers about stepping up to healthier, fresher and better food with Gourmet Garden, while simultaneously building a strong sales funnel. DRIM helped us achieve both of these objectives with their intelligently designed platform and data-driven influencer outreach. They were also able to engage with the right set of content creators who genuinely shared the same ethos as our brand and were willing to walk the extra mile in their content – to help us build recall, plus drive acquisitions.”

Some other CPA indicators from the campaign:

  • Traffic delivered to the GG website: 20,000+ unique visitors
  • Reach of the campaign: 27,68,162

You can also look at some of the blogger posts and profiles that took part in the campaign.

Manasa Chetan, Health and Wellness blogger who worked on the campaign added, “When I was approached to work with DRIM on the CPA model, I wasn’t sure about how it would work out as I hadn’t tried this model earlier. But, since the Gourmet Garden project aligned with my interests and I was on the lookout for contamination-free fruits and veggies, I decided to give it a try and was quite excited to try the products myself. I am amazed at the response and enthusiasm that I have witnessed amongst my followers for organically sourced fresh fruits and vegetables. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with several well-known brands through DRIM and have experienced good responses from my followers. I now think that CPA may be a great model for influencers to get paid for their efforts.”

An important factor that also plays a crucial role in DRIM’s ability to deliver such results is the ability of their algorithm to check for fraud and bot profiles on blogger profiles. This ensures that bloggers with any fake numbers automatically get rejected and all numbers in terms of followers, likes, comments and purchases are free of fraudulent activities.


  • Growth trajectory: There has been an upward trend in the growth throughout the campaign. 
  • Add-on benefits: The campaign has led to some less obvious, but evident benefits such as a steep rise in brand awareness, increased brand recall, a positive association between healthy eating and Gourmet Garden, a loyal community of brand advocates and trusting users, along with active conversations about the brand on social media, all of this at no additional cost for Gourmet Garden.
  • Justified ROI: Through the cost per action model, GG has paid DRIM only for the number of results that they have driven, with no hidden charges at all. Only when an influencer brings conversions for the brand, the brand is liable to pay. This way, they pay only for the actual results and not just the following along with which they also get the add-ons for free. 
  • Stable, hassle-free influencer marketing channel: While DRIM handled all the influencer marketing functions, GG concentrated all its attention on bringing the best of produce and taste to their customers while providing them with a memorable shopping experience. Right from identifying influencers, to onboarding, to execution, the nitty-gritty is handled by DRIM. 

In conclusion

It is evident from the success of Gourmet Garden and DRIM’s collaboration that influencer marketing can be a reliable and return heavy channel of marketing if executed well. Instead of investing blind numbers, small and large brands can benefit from the Cost-Per-Action model offered by DRIM and ensure that they pay only for results while influencers get compensated for every single result they bring. This can be especially transformative for micro and nano bloggers and give way for them to build their following and present opportunities to work with brands who pay generously for results. Such influencers can move on to becoming brand ambassadors for several brands across the globe too. 

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