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AkzoNobel, a leading Paints and Coatings company and the maker of Dulux Paints in India, released a new campaign for Dulux Velvet Touch – its flagship ultra-luxury interior emulsion brand.

The new campaign titled ‘Dulux Velvet Touch – Feels Like Home’ aims to strengthen the brand promise of rich intense colours and gain consumer preference through its newly introduced Tru Color technology. Conceived by Mullen Lintas Delhi, the campaign hinges on a woman’s need for autonomy of space to underline the product superiority of Dulux Velvet Touch.

“Dulux Velvet Touch epitomises the best quality of decorative paint. As Indian consumers are increasingly spending more time rejuvenating their homes, walls have become a canvas of self-expression. Dulux India is now further empowering consumers to flourish through colours. We’re delighted to present the all new Dulux Velvet Touch with the Tru Color technology. This is our promise of intense rich colours with ultra-smooth finish so that every living space paints a narrative as progressive as today’s consumers and ‘Feels like Home’,” said Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, AkzoNobel India.

Inspired by global contemporary design themes, the all new Dulux Velvet Touch with Tru Color technology embodies finesse and brings to life a specially curated palette of intense rich colours for an ultra-smooth finish. AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center at Amsterdam has distilled its colour expertise into three design palettes – the elegant, serene and romantic ESSENTIAL colours; the fresh, cheerful and energizing ACCENT palette; and the ATMOSPHERE palette inspired from colours of forest, ocean and sky. The range provides three options for consumers to choose from – Platinum Glo, Pearl Glo and Diamond Glo.

AkzoNobel India, believes in evolving with the times, be it for their products by inducting new age technology or their communication campaign such as this one, where they’ve chosen to take a more progressive stance on an independent woman’s autonomy of space, positioning the brand as more modern and relevant. Through an emotional storytelling and playing on the strength of a father-daughter bond, the film establishes the brand as bold, relevant and modern, much like its latest offering.

Vandana Krishnia, Head of Marketing, Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel India said, “The ‘Velvet Touch – Feels Like Home’ campaign adds a new dimension of emotional connect that resonates with the evolved consumers of today. The contemporary story of the father and his independent daughter has home, love and the magic of Dulux Velvet Touch at the centre of it. We’ve purposely pushed the visual look with a bold palette of Razzberries & Paddlewheel Grey. Afterall, you don’t just see the colours, you feel them.”

The film is seen through the lens of an independent woman, portrayed by Mrunal Thakur, who is hosting her parents for the first time in her new home. Upon entering her house, her father (played by Ronit Roy) is visibly displeased with the fact that his daughter has moved out of his house despite living in the same city. To his further surprise, she has painted her new home similar to that of his. When the puzzled father asks her the reason, her response not only resolves the conflict for him, but fills him with pride for his daughter, winning his heart all over again.

Garima Khandelwal, CCO, Mullen Lintas said, “Dulux Velvet Touch wanted to own new conversations in relationship dynamics as we make a comeback in the consumer’s mindspace, carving a contemporary space for the brand. The need for autonomy or the question to why it’s sought by a young independent woman was a fresh conversation with home at the centre of it. It was a collaboration of the right talent coming together that touches the right note.”

Sharing how it’s been an exciting journey directing the TVC, award-winning film director Gauri Shinde commented: “To begin with, the story idea of female independence itself is very special and a seamless fit with the Dulux Velvet Touch brand. The concept of exercising your choices in life, creating your own space and painting your home in the colours of your personality is really the driving force behind this campaign. There couldn’t have been a better casting than Mrunal Thakur and Ronit Roy who add flavour to the TVC with their real and believable chemistry. The background score, ‘Chhota Hoon Main’ beautifully captures the emotional journey of the protagonists, while the punchline at the end reinforces how Dulux Velvet Touch with Tru Color technology ‘Feels Like Home!”

The campaign will be live from tomorrow – April 20, 2022 and will be promoted across the brand’s online channels and other offline mediums.

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